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Subrat Kumar Nath


The Fist Shade | part-1

The Fist Shade | part-1

2 mins

The very journey started with having some no one around and a so-called almost broken bike.

I decided from very back to go on a solo trip, to explore my interior, to smell the beauty of me, to deal with my anger all alone.

It's been seven years, I died almost a thousand stressful times with having a lot of zero scratches on my body.

They kept saying, again and again, to forget, to forget about that black day but no coax melted my strong belief.

Finally the desired day got a warm start with the same unusual sound of almost broken whatever. I felt every turn is a turn of my thoughts when its a right it says to go with a jump and when it's left I feel like I left something behind, it may be the fragrance, fragrance of colourful times. With those abnormal thoughts, I was deeply into the hard sun, Body was all wet due to sweat but the very interior told me to not stop.


Somehow those dramatic thoughts are down for a while with the level of petrol of my bike and at the same time the name of easiness showed me a big middle finger, I got no petrol stations for 2 hrs, I kept walking alighting my bags and with the same bike

Hey, Sambhab

Is that you??!!

Someone raised the hard voice from the back , but I can't see anyone because it was completely dark.

Hey, it's me..the hard voice again uttered and I was back with words "it's me" is not an appropriate introduction I guess ..with a tired gentle voice.


I stopped and turned around, my sole got slipped for a moment after watching him. I was like how is this possible!!

to be continued...

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