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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The fear within us

The fear within us

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"And that night of horror I can never forget in my life. Those moments of fear remained alive in me after that scary night." - Said the beautiful lady named Rewa. The crowd around was listening with undivided attention. There was an obvious pin drop silence around and the expression on Rewa's face was saying a lot even before her words could deliver. The fear in her eyes were telling many stories and everyone had a different version of it in their mind now.

It was a camping trip with four of her friends and and they were surrounding the bonefire in the chilling night of Darjeeling. Darjeeling is a visitor's paradise for those who love to see the beauty of nature surrounded by hills at 3000 ft above the sea level. Nights in Darjeeling are normally chilling and its common among visitors to sit around bonefire for relief. Rewa with her group planned to make the time interesting by playing a game and as a part of it everyone had to say a story from their real life experience which they can never forget.

After a few minutes of deep silence Rewa continued. It was August of 2015 and I was late from my basketball trip. Me and my basketball team had lost a state level competition and were back to home in a sad mood. There was no fun or joy around, and we were just feeling bad for loosing the game after putting all our effort. With sad heart we said good bye to each other after reaching to Dooars. Dooars was our common meeting point from where everyone had to go to their homes. I left for my home walking alone. My home was about 2-3 miles away from there and I had to cross a forest. It was mid-night and was drizzling as well. It was normal for me to pass that forest almost everyday which connected my village to the nearby market. Fearless as wind, I was in my twenties and didn't have a second thought while I was moving on my way silently. My thoughts were surrounded with the sad feelings of loosing the game and the mistakes we could have avoided and won. Trying to convincing myself that I did my best and next time we'll win it, I tried to get over what happened and concentrate on walking patientely. I kept walking for a while, filled with negativity then suddenly a tree fell in front of me because of thunder. I was scared and stopped walking. Took a deep breadth and sat by the side of road for some time. Now that I realised it was so late for a girl to go alone and in the dark rainy night anything unfortunate can happen, my fear was increasing with all kinds of unwanted thoughts. From sad feeling of loosing the game to rainy scary night and the sudden fall of a big tree in front of me, it was all very scary. I got up again and started walking praying the God for my safty. But was scared of even a drop of water that was falling on me. Though rain had stopped by now, the drop of water was falling from leaves of the trees by the side of road produced a sound that pulled my attention. I opened my mobile to start reading news or something to divert my attention. A story caught my attention where a girl was caught by someone in a lonely road and was brutally raped and killed. Now my mind suddenly diverted towards something unexpected. I started looking around with fear of someone approaching me. I kept walking towards my home but there was always a fear what if someone suddenly appears and something unexpected happens. I was murmering shlokas to strengthen myself and hoping God will help me reach home safely.

While my mind was puzzled with all sort of negative thoughts suddenly someone whispered in my ears "Hello". I got scared till death and slapped the person in fear. For a second my breadth stopped and I couldn't understand how to handle the situation. The man was still standing there calmly asking me to calm down. It took me some time to be normal and then I saw the guy smiling there. The gentleman simply asked me, "Can I drop you somewhere on my bike?. Its night and you are alone in this dense forest. May be I can help you with something.". Though, his calm voice relieved me, as I was scared, I said "sorry" and politely declined to take help. I started walking normally after that. The man requested me again and told don't be scared I am a Police inspector and he also showed his ID card. Now I was comfortable. I got on his bike and he dropped me safely to home. On the way to home, he told me something I can never forget. He said, fear is within us, not outside. If you are able to overcome the fear within yourself, world is full of good people as well. You don't have to fear everything and everybody. I can never forget this incident of my life.

Rewa concluded the story with a smile and the all her friends were clapping for her. The camping kept going and the group enjoyed a lot. But all the girls thanked Rewa with joy saying, "this beautiful story and valuable lession you shared with us will definitely help us in many ways being a girl".

Note: - Dear friends life is like this. If we want to live fearlessly, the first thing we have to do is kill the fear within us.

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