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Kaamina Beigh



Kaamina Beigh


The Fault In Our Stars By Kaamina Beigh

The Fault In Our Stars By Kaamina Beigh

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"Uncle, I'm sorry ...... We lost jasmine ..... We tried our best but couldn't rescue her,..... We tried to pull her out of this drug smuggling but .... We lost her. She was there for delivery and the next moment, the police raided the place and we lost her in the encounter........, I'm sorry... I'm sorry...". The phone hangs up from the other side.

The next thing my ears caught up to was Mustakim sobbing and repeating "it is all my fault, I ruined it, I killed jasmine.., they'll be here any moment..., I ruined it "

He was blaming him for Jasmine's death as he paved the way for her in the drug smuggling world and now with Jasmine's phone as evidence with police, they could reach out to Mustakim any moment.

I was there, comforting him, while I myself was devastated, "it is not your fault Mustakim, you understand? It's not you! And they couldn't do anything unless they have the pin to access the smuggling details in her phone, we'll be fine, okay? ......" I said to him,

Meanwhile, Arhan was standing there in the corner, holding Jasmine's favourite Aries sign showpiece, and from his eyes, it felt as if he was dead inside and his soul was in pieces. It was scary to even look at him.

And suddenly, the door breaks open and the cops stood there, pointing guns at us,

They took away Mustakim and had full evidence and an arrest warrant against him.  I couldn't do anything, they took him away.

With all crying and pain in the room, Arhan didn't move an inch.

 After Mustakim was gone, I fell on my knees. The world around me started getting darker, the silence of the room ate my soul, I murmured in numbness..... "How? How they get the password?"

And suddenly, Arham broke down into tears and cried out '' I was the one, I'm the traitor... But all for my love! "

My heart skipped a beat and I felt like blood clotted in my vessels,

The four stars for the world, 


The perfect zodiac compatibility squad fell into pieces and the only thing I could think of was "THE FAULT IN OUR STARS''.

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