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Kaamina Beigh

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Kaamina Beigh

Drama Fantasy Thriller

kam-The night of broken glass

kam-The night of broken glass

7 mins 231 7 mins 231

 shen and eva.

''It's your 18th in 10 days ! " shouted out laurel .

"You! You ! We'll have a blast " exclaimed gretel.

"I know ! We'll have fun . Take care you guys , i have to sleep" , said eva and hung up the video call.

It was a tiresome sunday , 10 more days to eva's birthday.

Her friends had planned out everything , afterall it was the birthday of the most social person in thier friend circle.

Eva was social and liked to meet new people and make friends but despite of all the socializing stuff , she merely had 2 or 3 real close friends.

Always surrounded by people , everyone thought she was that 'always happy' , 'always cheerful' girl but deep inside she felt a void . she felt as if something and someone was missing from her life . Although as expert in hiding her emotions as she was , these days , as her birthday was arriving , the existence of this void of hers started getting some what dominant and her best friends were realising that something isn't right with her.

After hanging up the call , she took her diary and a pen out of her table and started writing as she thought maybe this will fill a bit of her emptiness.

That night the ink flowed on her diary like 'hey ! Yes it's me again. You know what , everyone is so excited for my birthday and so am i. But i don't know what's wrong with me , i'm feeling all empty inside . it's like something is bothering me but i don't know what.

I wish you could also reply to me like that diary replied to the curios old man about whom uncle was talking the other day. Anyways i'll sleep , i know you're not gonna reply obviously, huh!"

She sighed , shut the diary , put up her earphones and went to sleep.

With lo-fi music playing, she was half asleep and suddenly she heard someone whistling the happy birthday tune .

She rushed to the window and the sound of the whistle started to faint .

Without thinking much , she jumped out from the window and tried to follow the fainting whistle , she ran fast with her eyes curiously moving all around as if she was in search of something .

The whistling sound disappeared and she stopped , tired and breathing heavily in the middle of no where.

And suddenly a deep but adorable voice came from behind "it's the perfect birthday girl to be" , eva turned around and saw a young handsome boy with sharp features and light brown eyes standing in front of her.

"Who are you?" Asked eva in a strong and determined voice.

"I am shen and You're eva , right?" said the boy while smirking.

'' What were you doing at my window , and what about the whistling ?'' Asked eva trying to appear as confident as she could.

"Well , you'll know eve , you followed me till here without any reason , now come along me for a reason" said shen calmly , apparently he was trying to appear 'cool' as per eva.

Shen started walking towards the back side of where eva lived which area was densely covered by trees and no one used to go there much often , as curious as eva could be she simply started going with the flow and followed shen.

After walking for 3 minutes in silence , eva asked shen "where are we heading to?"

Shen turned to het , stopped for a moment, looked in her eyes , smiled and said "you'll know and you have to trust me"

Eva was herself not able to understand what she was doing but it felt as if she couldn't help but just follow shen as she found happiness in it , with each step forward , she was doing what she like , just following her curiosity and believing in herself , there was something special about him , it was like that void inside her finally wasn't there anymore and she knew it was all about shen as he made her realise that letting her grow , embracing herself and believing in herself was all she strived for all along.

After sometime they reached to place where the trees were planted in such a manner , making a circle in middle and there was a bonfire in the middle of the circle .

And there was a mirror and a rose made of glass placed on the table besides the bonfire.

Shen stopped near the table and so did eva.

"What is happening here?" Asked eva in a curious voice trying to hide that she was afraid.

"You are the best star selection

Meant for our elevation'' someone said these line in a serious tone from behind.

Shen and eva turned around and saw a woman standing still and strong walking towards them , she was walking as if she owned it all and her eyes were filled with power.

Before eva could understand anything and ask shen about her , the woman raised her hand as if signalling shen to do something and chanted

" you are the best star selection

Meant for our elevation " and stood right in front of the mirror.

Shen immediately reached out for the rose made of glass and was about to pierce it thorough eva's heart but suddenly that woman's confidence broke into pieces and the power in her eyes fell apart as shen hit the mirror with the glass dodging eva and fell on his knees crying and shouted " i can't do this , it's you and all for you and i'll reply ".

Eva was frightened, she went all numb , she leaned towards shen but as she proceeded , the woman and shen kept fading away in stardust.

Shen was gone , eva was there, frightened , all alone.

She felt as if she lost something , as if some part of hers broke down but she didn't felt that emptiness anymore.

She fell on her knees and picked up the rose glass.

As she picked it up , she heard her mobile's ringtone , and suddenly she got flashbacks of living all the 10 days that were left to her birthday , planning with her friends and living with her family.

And suddenly she wakes up, her eyes glued to the clock which says 11:50 pm.

Her phone is ringing, it's her best friend calling her , she picks it and her best friend says "okay i want to wish you first , no risks , STAY ON THE PHONE !"

Eva replied with "emmhmmm" as she was trying to get through what just happened while shen's last words were echoing in her mind ''i can't do this , it's you and all for you and i'll reply '' .

Suddenly she pulled out her diary and skipped through the pages till the last time she wrote in it .

It stated 6th june , 10 DAYS BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY.

Right below on that page where she ended it that day , there was an piece of paper pasted on it , which appeared to be old enough .

The article on the paper stated     'Although there is no recent evidence regarding THE ONES TO LIVE but it is believed that a woman from that community can revive the community and get them their powers back if she kills a girl whose stars are 'perfect for ther elevation ' with a glass rose while being in front of the mysterious mirror but if the rose glass hit the mirror by any means , both will break into pieces and the only chance for the revival of the community will end forever'.

Below the article , there was something written in a neat and curvy handwriting

''Hey you! As i had told you , 'you'll get the reply ' Happy birthday eve ! , hope my gift as the broken glass of the night filled the void in you forever, and you're the one who remove your emptiness.

Anyways , happy birthday and goodluck , OBVIOUSLY this diary isn't gonna reply to you ever again!".

"Happiest 18th eve !" laura shouted.

''Thank you baby" replied eva and she smiled bright with contentment as she realised that it was not shen that filled her void nor any other person , it was she herself and her curiosity that needs to be filled, the need to explore and follow her curiosity where it takes her, she smiled as if she had found herself and filled that void.

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