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Drama Crime



Drama Crime

The Face Behind The Masks....

The Face Behind The Masks....

5 mins 276 5 mins 276

Lizzy P.O.V

It was a boring Friday afternoon, and all of the students from school had rushed home, excited for the weekend. I had stayed longer, because I had an overdue project, so I decided to complete in a quiet place. I had just finished, and was just closing my locker when I felt a hand on my shoulder. The hand felt cold, and the grip was tight. I turned around and saw a black figure, with masks. It searched my body, and took out some money. I was too scared to stop the figure. It ran away, and I did not bother to chase it. All I could make out was wavy hair and a pair of belly-shoes scurrying away. 

I walked home, trembling. The incident that happened was fresh on my mind. I was determined to find out the robber. I had acted very foolishly out there. I told Sophia and Amelia- my best friends- everything, and called them over to hatch a plan.

At home, Soph and Am were eagerly waiting for me. They bombarded me with questions. I answered each of them in one breath. We all were very excited. We came to the conclusion that if we were to catch the robber red-handed, we had to repeat the whole thing. 

On Monday, I filled my boyfriend up on the thing that happened. I even told him the plan, and he was very pleased with our work. 'Liz, if anything happens to you, I would never forgive myself,' he said protectively, giving me a peck on my lips. I blushed. I wasn't used to PDA, y'know.  

'I know, Brian,' I replied. 

In school, my mind always drifted to the wavy hair and shoes. I was always on the lookout; who had wavy hair? But there were thousands of girls with hair like that, and since we had a uniform, there was no chance the stealer was wearing those shoes. School was over, and Sophia Amelia were ready, but not me. I mean, would I agree to solve a mystery, yup. But, would I face a robber, ALONE? Hell nah! 

'You ready Izzy?' Sophia asked. They called me Izzy.

'No,' I spoke frankly. That's what you do with besties, right?

In the morning only I had pasted a poster on my locker. It said, 'Come again, after school, if you dare. I will give you a handsome amount.' 

I didn't care what my classmates would say. If the robber was a student Or even a teacher, she would definitely see the poster. And, hopefully would come again. 

We had worked all the weekend and created fake money notes, so that if the thief got away, she would just getaway with a few pieces of paper. It was impressive work. Anyways, back to present. I was ready, waiting for the thief to strike again. 

It had been almost an hour. My eyes started to shut. I leaned on to my locker for support, and was nodding off to sleep when I heard footsteps. My heart thumped. It was coming from the right side. I turned to see, narrowing my eyes when suddenly someone hit me from the back. Everything blacked out. 

I opened my eyes and a throbbing head greeted me. My vision was blurry, but I could make out my parents, my friends and my boyfriend. 

'Izzy, all, ok?' Amelia asked. 

'How can she be, ok? It's all because of YOUR STUPID plan that she has become all weak,' Brian yelled. 

I sighed. Brian hated my friends. 'Brian, please, not now,' I said. 

'Sweetheart, rest. I'll handle them,' Mom said, resting her warm hand on my forehead. 

I nodded and closed my eyes. Everyone except mom left, and she stayed with me, caressing my hair. 

*time skip* 

It had been five days, and now I was fit and fine. Amelia and Sophia took me for dinner in a fancy restaurant. Well, Sophia was extra rich, so, she could afford almost anything. 

'I'll just use the washroom, BRB!' Sophia said, and left. I laughed and nodded, but then, something attracted my attention. Her shoes! They were the same as the thief was wearing! Could she… really be the thief? It made sense, after all. She had wavy hair. She knew the plan, and she was the last person I could suspect. But, one thing wasn't right, why would she wear those shoes today? She knew that I had seen the shoes when the robber had stolen the money from me. 

'Earth to Izzy!' Amelia snapped her fingers. 'What happened? Why are you so pale?' 

'Oh… uh… nothing,' I said. 

But, she insisted, so I HAD to tell her everything.

She gasped. 'Noo. That… can't be true!' 

'Of course! Sophia did it!' I protested. 

'What did I do?' Sophia said.

My heart flared with rage. 'Nice shoes you have Soph. Where… did you get them from?' I was struggling to keep my voice calm. 

'Oh…. They were kept at my doorstep. I just got them today. They are a tad too bigger, but they are so beautiful that I wore them anyway,' she shrugged. 

I could tell she was telling the truth. I heaved a sigh of relief. 

We enjoyed our dinner. But, a part of me was still longing to find the thief. Everyone had told me to move on, but, come on, people, how could I let go of a perfectly AWESOME case?

*time skip* 

Monday, is the worst!!!! I was talking to Brian, as I lockers are next to each other. A phone call interrupted our conversation. 

Brian's face fell. 'Uh…. I have to take this call. Please excuse me,' and with that he scurried away. 

I was waiting. Many people passing me laughed.

'What's a wig doing in Brian's locker?' I heard a girl say. 

Huh, a wig?!?!?!

I peeked in his locker, cautiously.

A long wavy-haired wig was there. And also, some masks. Wait, wavy hair and masks? That rang a bell! You know what I'm talking about. So, it was Brian all along? There was a note attached to the door. 

'Mission accomplished. Lizzy didn't suspect a thing. Good job, Brian.' 

It said. I trembled. Brian didn't care about me. And I thought he 'loved me' Such a fool I was. 

He returned. I shoved all the stuff into his locker. But it was too late. He smirked and he looked at me cruelly. 

'So, you finally found out, huh?' he said. 

I did not know what to say. 

'Look, my family is suffering through some financial problems. So, please don't tell anyone. I saw stealing as an only way. I'm sorry Lizzy,' he said, painfully. And walked away. 

I was left in a fix, what to do? Should I tell the headmaster, or do nothing? 

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