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prashant saurabh



prashant saurabh


The Dust

The Dust

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A morning bird woke me up, in pursuit of making a hole in the glass of my window.

Okay, okay. I’m up now, you sweet little sparrow.

I asked the door to let my friend with wings in, she is the only one who sing to me the morning song about “how the sun has witnessed the union of sky and earth, in a distant place, where world ends and nothingness rules. It’s my favourite moment of the day as I love the music she makes.

The mirror of my room asked me, “if the tea is ready."

I stepped down from my bed, I felt as if I’ve shoved my feet in pile of dust. When I looked at it surprisingly I found that the floor in my room was not visible and it was covered with ash. Ash with various kind of fragrance and different colours, the variety was soft to touch, hard to hold in the hand for long as it was more slippery than sand. I was mesmerised, I’ve never seen Ash so beautiful and aromatic. I asked my gas-burner if it burned my poems. To create the ash, as the innovative burner like to burn things in order to get something new.

“I wouldn’t dare” burner said.

I lit the candles in order to wake the candles up, in my room and asked them, if they have burned my love – poems. I had no idea what else would create something so magnificent. The candles burned brighter and higher and swore on its wick. They will burn to their end but never dare touch my poems.

The candles of my room, loved my poems, as they are the only beings, capable of falling in love with the kind of darkness I weave. At times they burn low and I see their wax-tears rolling down to the base. Even their tears provide them with a new shape. And I find it poetic.

Then I walked towards the mirror and commanded him to show the truth behind these beautiful pile of ash. The mirror has been my best friend from the moment we had met. It knows all my secrets. I knew it keeps an eye on every thing that goes on in my room. The mirror shows me few memories from my life. In one of them, I saw my self, promising my mother that I’ll be honest with all my responsibilities. In a different scene I saw my father and my solemn promise to study well.

The mirror was showing a series of events from my past. I saw a girl promising me that she will forgive one of the most serious mistake I’ll make, she offered me this along with her promise of forever. I found my self jumping from the precipice, happy and crying. I saw my self, talking to the mirror and making promises to myself that in my pursuit of success my efforts will be relentless. I saw my pet dog “Romi”, she was one of my childhood friends, waiving her tail, offering me hugs with promises never ending friendship, but she died.

I saw thousands of other promises made, in the mirror. When it finally stopped all the videos, the mirror smiled and said “when you promise for something to someone, the words you use in the process, they become immortal. They always live with you. Float around you.

In someday you’ll wish to run away from all the promises you made and you’ll try to forget the agony caused by promises made to you and never been kept, then your shadow will rise from your flesh and in order to free you, in order to grant your simple pleasures of life, it will burn all the memories. All the hopes. So new life and new hopes can replace it.

So you can live a better life.”

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