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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Poovarasan M

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Poovarasan M

Abstract Drama Inspirational

The Director

The Director

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My friend used to say me often that his director will extract the best out of one artist. Amalan, my friend has resigned his 30 thousand rupees monthly salaried job and working with a lot of production companies as a script writer, associate editor, assistant director. But since then joining Mr. Arjun (the director), he used to talk about him often. 

Arjun has not got a producer for his story yet and he is struggling at 40 now. One day Amalan called me while I'm in my office and asked me to urge to his director's office as his director wanted to see me.

Amalan used to say me that my face is photogenic. Though I'm not interested, he will say often that if my face fits any character for his movie, he will use it rightly. Off course, i have the potential of getting 50 likes in 5 minutes. And who does not want such a free celebrity status? So now I had to kill my grandfather for this purpose to get out of office. 

At Director's office

Amalan was not there. I directly had to meet Mr. Arjun. Quentin Tarantino, Satyajit Ray, Spielberg were hanging in the frames of walls in the office. The lights were dim. As Amalan said a lot to him about me, there was no need of formal introduction. He asked me to act with some movie dialogues he gave, with my own individuality. 

"Don kha pakad na khi muskil nahi na mumkin hai." I said. 

Director is laughing at his best. One should not make such silly mistakes in dialogue delivery. Small change of word changes the meaning of the sentence totally. Seems director is happy with my looks.

"Budget of the movie what I'm going to direct will be tentatively 14 crores. I'm in discussion with lot of production companies now."

"Guess what? You are in" he added

I was excited.

"As I dont have a producer right now, I'm planning for a short film for around 15 mins and i need your support for that. Can you spare 40-50 thousand rupees for that?"

Here is where my sixth sense gave an alarm.

I was bit hesitant and I said I dont have that much.

"Got you! If you have that much money why are you approaching me for a chance?"

Here is where I started to feel guilt.

"I'm sorry I must be an idiot bro. Ok fine do you have 1000 rupees atleast now?"

Oh again!

"I just have 250 rupees in my pocket"

"That's fine I'll take it as a token advance" he came towards me and took it off from my pocket.

Now I understood the first line of this story that why my friend used to say so.

Yes, he extracted totally what I had.

And my grandfather will die for sure if he comes to know that I lost 250 rupees which he gave.

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