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The Demonic Statue

The Demonic Statue

11 mins

Fear is one of the strongest emotions in the history of mankind. Since the dawn of civilization, when the early humans had not yet discovered fire, they had developed a strong sense of fear; fear of the dark, unknown. This fear of the unknown was a prime driving force behind all major discoveries and inventions. This supernatural horror continued over many centuries in many forms and legends in different cultures. For some it was the fear of scary apparitions, horrible and terrifying faces in their dreams, yet, for others, it was the horror of strange and weird paranormal activity that terrified them out of their wits.

My following story is based on the supernatural/paranormal theme where one callous mistake involving an ancient artefact spells the doom for a whole family. Furthermore, the terror it creates amongst the family members is reminiscent of any real-life paranormal activity. Also, this story is a gentle reminder to readers to stay away from wildly experimenting or discarding any ancient objects that have been said to be cursed or has any supernatural legend attached to it.

The author would like to state that this is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people, places, or incidents is purely coincidental. I hope you like this story.

Our story takes place in the British Middle East, Where under a team of British archaeologists, an Indian, Professor Amar Chakravorty is working in a particular dig. There one day, while digging he finds a curious piece of a stone statue. The statue is grotesque as it has bloodshot eyes, a bulbous nose, and big fangs coming out of its mouth. There is also something inscribed in the statue in an ancient language. When the helpers of the professor look at the statue, they are so terrified by its appearance that they stop doing their work and take a step backward. One of the labourers’ finds enough courage and asks the professor “Sahib, please throw that thing from wherever you picked it up, as it is so terrifying in its looks and it is said that this will bring doom to the person who keeps this thing”. But, the professor is so mesmerized by the statue that he does not pay heed to their imploring and is thinking of bringing up this statue with his senior who is a world-famous archaeologist and adventurer, philanthropist and an expert on ancient scripts all rolled into one. His name is Professor Henry Livingstone. Professor Chakravorty decides to show the statue and the inscription to Dr. Livingstone to understand the meaning of the inscription. Dr. Livingstone was an eminent scholar of ancient inscriptions and language and also was Professor Emeritus at Oxford. He was a tall, dapper, and handsome gentleman even at the age of 65. He was trying to decipher the ancient script on a tablet when Professor Chakravorty comes in his tent and tells him about the find, so, Dr. Livingstone asks to have a look at the statue, and when he sees it he is ashen-faced as if the idol has drained all color from his face. He implores Dr. Chakravorty to give the statue to him for further studies and also for safekeeping as it may be destroyed by the labourers. Dr. Chakravorty promises to do so, but he is so enamored by the statue, that he decides to keep it for himself and plans to quit the expedition and return to India at the earliest possible opportunity. Meanwhile, back in India, Dr. Amar’s family wants him back for a domestic emergency. He has a family of two brothers, and two sisters along with his wife and two young kids and his mother. While professor Amar was on the expedition and had found the statue, his wife had undergone a miscarriage. So, he was being recalled back home to his family, and this gives him an ideal reason to quit the expedition and take leave from Dr. Livingstone.

Professor Chakravorty while returning from the expedition did not give back the archaeological find to his superior and rather hid it in his possession till he reached Calcutta. They're at home, for a few days he went on his daily business of giving lectures at Calcutta University, also he had consoled his wife from the tragic loss they had suffered. One day his wife Sumona, saw the statue and was so terrified that she broke down, hearing her crying, her mother-in-law came to her room and saw the statue and she was also very scared and immediately had a premonition of bad things to happen. So she decided to talk to Amar and ask him to throw the wretched thing away. But, as it is said that these things have a sense of imminent danger to them and will do anything and everything to prevent it, that very same day Dr. Amar’s mother suffered a severe cardiac arrest and died. The sudden demise of his mother left Dr. Amar very perturbed and disturbed and the whole family was in shock for many days, these two events also convinced Sumona that the arrival of that statue was the cause of this tragedy and she was at unease and was thinking of ways as to how to get rid of this. For a few days, everything was normal, but then suddenly one day when it was raining very heavily with heavy thunders, the family servant

Robi, whose job was to take care of the two family pets, Bruno, and Pluto, two fine bred German Shepherds, found them lying badly injured and wailing as if someone had intentionally and very cruelly beaten them, while Pluto was dead and Bruno on the verge of dying when Robi saw this, he got so terrified that he immediately decided to leave the house for good and never turn back. Even other members of the family also were having strange experiences with the statue like the younger brother of the professor while one day heard someone whistling a tune and when he went to investigate he found that no one was here but rather it seemed like the statue was whistling and this scared the younger brother so much that he ran away from that room. The professor’s kids also started behaving strangely and started saying that they had a new friend whom only they could see, talk, and play with.

Now, after all these strange occurrences, the whole family wanted Professor Amar to get rid of the demonic statue as it seemed to be the reason for all kinds of mysterious happenings that were taking place in the professor’s family and they were also apprehensive of the only god know what else was going to happen.

Meanwhile, Professor Bakshi, who is assistant to Professor Chakravorty and was present in the expedition, was also aware of his senior’s theft and had also returned to Calcutta with the specific instruction from Dr. Livingstone as to get that statue back from Professor Chakravorty as he had deciphered the inscription on the tablet and knew that what ancient evil was residing in that statue and how to stop it. While returning to England Dr. Livingstone had invited Professor Bakshi to his plush home and there had told him about the ancient demon which had been trapped in that statue during an ancient civilization’ ritual practice where a high priest had trapped the demon because of his continued reign of terrorizing and killing the people there. The ancient scripts also interpreted by Dr. Henry told him that whosoever takes this statue to his home, invites the demon and the demon in its quest to get freedom will destroy and kill everyone in its path. Dr. Henry specifically said to Prof. Bakshi:” Get that statue from Dr. Chakravorty, as he does not know what evil awaits him and the whole world if the demon is successful in freeing itself from that bond”. Once back in Calcutta, Prf. Bakshi finds that Prof. Chakravorty has not been coming to the University for quite some time. When he made inquiries, he found out from his colleagues and also from the newspapers about the tragedies that had befallen the Chakravorty family.

Professor Bakshi immediately apprises Dr. Livingstone about these events, and he, in turn, urges Professor Bakshi to expedite matters as quickly as possible. Sensing the urgency in Dr. Livingstone’s voice, Professor Bakshi decides to meet with Professor Chakravorty personally at his home and make him aware of the imminent danger to his family considering the recent situations.

Meanwhile, at the Chakravorty residence after a few days of normalcy, things have taken a strange turn i.e. lights go on and off all of a sudden all by itself, the position of the furniture gets changed every day in the rooms and again they are placed in their original position as if someone is playing with them.

All of this is making the whole family go crazy except Professor Chakravorty, who is so enraptured by the statue that he has forgotten everyone and everything else. On top of that, the latest development is that it seems to the whole family that the statue is alive and speaking to Professor Chakravorty in a strange language, and also interacting with it as if it is a human being. The same younger brother of Prof. Chakravorty is very disturbed by these strange and sudden phenomena that he decides to contact some professionals to solve this issue and help them to get out of this predicament. Meanwhile, Prof. Bakshi, one day, tries to call upon Prof Chakravorty, but he is booted out of the Chakravorty residence by the professor himself. Professor Bakshi is horrified to see Professor Chakravorty’s disheveled appearance, with bloodshot eyes, and as if someone is controlling him from the other dimension. Prakash, the younger brother of Professor Chakravorty, meets Professor Bakshi outside their house and asks for some explanations. Professor Bakshi then takes him to his house and tells him about everything, that is, right from the excavation of the dig; to the discovery of the statue and Professor Chakravorty’s fascination with it and the rest is history. He also tells the brother about the solution from the problem and pleads with him to meet Dr. Livingstone. Prakash, hearing all this, is stunned at the beginning which soon turns into abject fear, but he agrees to meet Dr. Livingstone. As the two rush to meet Dr. Livingstone, their car meets with an accident in which both of them die a horrendous death.

The next day, when the Police come upon the Chakravorty residence to tell them about this tragedy, one thing they are baffled with the accident is that how can someone tear off the hood of a Ford Icon, and also that both Prakash and Professor Bakshi’s throats are slit wide open and there is a lot of blood as if someone was drinking from their throats. Hearing this, the Chakravorty family are completely devastated and are utterly speechless, which leaves the police to surmise that some wild animal must have attacked them and done this. At the same time, Dr. Livingstone has arrived from London and was on his way to Chakravorty residence, when he gets this news. He decides that very night to go to Chakravorty residence and destroy or capture that evil for good, at the same time, meanwhile in Chakravorty residence, at around 1:00 a.m., Professor Chakravorty suddenly gets up from bed, goes to the kitchen, and takes the biggest knife he can find. He is doing all of this as if he is in trance and someone is commanding him to go and kill his wife, he goes and stabs the knife 3-4 times on his sleeping wife, then he goes to his brother’s and sisters’ room and starts butchering them one by one.

All of this commotion wakes up his youngest brother Prateek, who sees all the carnage and is very scared, but then he suddenly sees that Professor Chakravorty moving towards his children’s room, this propels Prateek to action, and he somehow with one surviving servant rescues the children and rushes out of the house where he meets with Dr. Livingstone, who is about to enter their house. He is carrying a big ancient vase, a strange-looking spear, and some old parchments. Dr. Livingstone assures Prateek that he will try his best to save Dr. Chakravorty, who now is completely under the control of the demon, and the demon will not rest, he will kill the Professor as the last sacrifice to himself and set himself free on the world which will be disastrous. Dr. Livingstone enters the Chakravorty residence, and he is gone for at least 4 hours, meanwhile, outside Prateek and his nephew and niece and the surviving servant hear all kinds of horrendous noises emanating from the house and are waiting anxiously for some good news. At last, after a long time, Dr. Livingstone emerges from the house with the ancient vase and in a bloodied condition, but he assures the survivors that everything is okay; unfortunately, he could not save Professor Chakravorty. The next day, Dr. Livingstone meets with Prateek and tells him that the vase is kept in a secret place and he will dispose of it very soon.

A few days later, Dr. Livingstone goes to Mumbai for sightseeing and throws the vase in the deepest corner of the ocean. He is finally relieved now that this evil will never resurface or will it?. Still, a few days later, one of the young street urchin boys while playing on the beach finds a beautiful vase.

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