Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

The Boy With A Heart Of Gold

The Boy With A Heart Of Gold

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The Boy with a Heart of Gold

By Sulagna Deb

Once there lived a poor boy named Rohit. He lived with his parents in the village of Vidhyadham. Rohit was the only son of his parents who were not at all concerned about his studies. Near the village there was a school in which Rohit’s all friends used to study and so Rohit had no one to play with him.

All the day Rohit used to roam around the streets and the bridges in his village. One day while Rohit walking down the bridge he saw a peacock. One hunter was running behind to kill him. The boy ran and advised the hunter not to kill the peacock but still the hunter did not listen and pushed the boy away. Then Rohit told him “According to the law you will be put in the prison for the crime of killing our national bird.” The hunter rather looked scared and went away. The peacock was grateful to Rohit for saving his life. From that day both became friends.

Once when these two friends were walking down the road, the peacock noticed that Rohit looked a bit depressed. The peacock asked the reason. Rohit replied “Do you know that there is a School near our village?”

“Oh! Yes I do know about that School, but what to do with it?”  Rohit answered “I want to study in that School. Not because my friends do but because I love studying.” The peacock said “Don’t worry Rohit, you always help others and so God will also fulfill your wish”. Then the peacock tried to make Rohit feel happy and cheerful. Soon Rohit felt cheerful and they both started to play again.

On their way back Rohit met a bear. The bear had got hurt on his leg and was howling with pain. Rohit applied some medicine and then went back home. The next day Rohit met the same bear again. The bear gave Rohit some honey as present for helping him and then three of them – peacock, bear and Rohit became good friends.

Then one day when Rohit was playing with his friends he saw a boy crying profusely. Rohit went and saw that the boy got hurt. Rohit helped him. Rohit asked the boy his name. The boy replied “My name is Varun”. I have come here to meet my father. Then he added “Thanks for your help. Will you be my friend?” Oh! Yes I would love to, said Rohit.  From that day onwards they both became best friends.

When Varun reached home he told his father about his new friend. His father became anxious to know who this boy was. The next day, Varun’s father went to the village in which Rohit lived. There he met Rohit and thanked him for helping his son. Then the father told “You have helped my son and so I want to give you a present. Tell me what do you want?”

Rohit replied “Sir, I want to become a doctor when I grow up, but for that I have to go to School to study”

Then what is the matter? Don’t you like going to school? Asked the father.

Oh! No. I would love going to school, but my parents don’t have enough money to send me to school and afford my education, said Rohit.

Don’t worry Rohit. I am the Principal of that School, said father. From tomorrow onwards you will join my School, and I will pay for all your book, uniform and stationery items. Oh! Really, I am so excited to go to School, replied Rohit.

Many years passed by, Rohit completed his schooling and further studies and one day Rohit was known as one of the best doctors of India.


Moral of the story is:

If you do good to others then God will always do good to you.





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