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Navika Mahori

Crime Thriller


Navika Mahori

Crime Thriller

The Bloody Track

The Bloody Track

2 mins 85 2 mins 85

"Oh! I am getting late. I need to go as fast as I can," said Mrs.Shukla.

"Oh, that's an empty train couch. I may go there. Hello, Mr, Hello, can I sit here?"

Mrs Shukla said to a person who was sleeping in a sleeping bag. Oh! Why is he not responding? Maybe he is so tired and sleeping in a very deep sleep. I must not disturb him. Let me go on.

"Hello, Mam, can I have a seat here?"

" Yeah, sure you can."

Thank you. said, Mrs Shukla

It was 1 am, they all were so sleepy. Suddenly a boy who was sleeping in the bag fell down.

"Oh God, he fell down. He must not get injured", said Mrs Shukla. "Help someone help please."

Everyone gathered near the seat.

As the train was on a station two collies also entered. One of them touched his body. His body was extremely cold. "Oh! His hands are so cool. He is dead. Oh my!!" said everyone on the couch. " We must call the police."

They all were talking about death and were very scared.

Then like an oracle someone said, "everyone keeps on talking or someone will call the police."

Then someone also spoke like an oracle and said, "we think of the devil and the devil is here."

"Hmm!! What are you talking off??" Said Mr Tyagi.

"I mean that the police is here," Said Mr Sajid.


"Why you all are gathered here," said the sub-inspector Mr.Tommar.

"What the rubbish is going on? Is there any shooting going on? Why you all are taking pictures and videos? Why do these phones with cameras come? Everyone keeps on taking pictures, videos and everything. It's a big headache for the police," said Mr Tommar.

Then suddenly Mr Sing, the head constable said, "Hmm! I think that it is a common death case. His death may have occurred from a heart attack. Send this body for postmortem."

"Yes sir," said Mr Tommar.

"The result of the postmortem of the body will come after 2 days."

"Hello, Mr.Kapoor," said, Mr Singh.

Mr Kapoor was the doctor.

"I thought that I must call you to tell you that you may start the investigation and reports will be ready soon."

"What, he has died from a heart attack right?"

" Who told you? He has been killed as he has been given some poison. But his lips were not blue. It is not important, that bablu poison is a very high type of poison. It does not show any symptoms on the body." 



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