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Navika Mahori

Horror Thriller


Navika Mahori

Horror Thriller

Seabird The Mysterious Ship

Seabird The Mysterious Ship

3 mins

Hey!darling wake up. Yes, mommy just a minute. No, it's not the time of sleep. Wake up and start packing up we need to leave tomorrow morning for Florida.

"What! Florida!!!!"

"Yes, we are going to Florida by a cruse named 'Seabird'!" 'Oh that's great' said Lily. Lily was a blind girl. Oh, mommy plz pack my clothes. Ok dear

Seabird illegally transports many things in different countries. This was a big secret till now. But this was about to be reviled. And will become the reason for the existence of ghosts or the mystery of that ship.

Lily was sleeping, Ahhh!! Help, help, help me, please. Oh, Jesus what happened to you, Lily? NNNNN... Nothing just a weird dream I had. 'Ohhh, what do you just dreamt' asked her father. (Mr.Watson).

Sometimes I wondered that our daughter who can't see. Have dreams when she sleeps And that dreams aren't normal they are, they are just weird. Said Mr.Watson .Oh, honey, I am a psychiatrist according to my study of phycology. The people who can't see anything, have dreams. They don't see dreams but they feel them.Ok. said Mrs.Watson

Ohh, it's 10 already we need to reach Seabird at 11 am sharp. Yes

Finally, they reached Seabird.

Lily, do you know this is such a big ship. Really mommy, yes. Lily holds my hand tightly. There are so many peoples it's a heavy crowd. Hold my hand will go upstairs. Ok, mommy.

Upon the ship.

"Oh, do you know that Florida connects with Bermuda to make Bermuda triangle," Said one of the girls named Mia on the ship.

"Oh yes, I have heared that is a devils triangle." Said a girl named Jessica.

"I have heard that whichever ship or even a plane pass through that triangle get disappeared in that triangle." Said a girl named Margaret.

Mommy, whatever the girls are saying is true? No, Lily, it's all fake.

Hope so!

"Hey, Lily! You are also going to Florida" asked Stacy lily's friend who was on the same ship.

"Yes, Stacy's pleasure meeting you" replied Lily.

"Same here," said Stacy.

"Well Hi, friends! " Said, Patrick

"Hello Patrick you are also going to Florida," said Lily and Stacy.


"Hey Friends do you know that this is going to be a very dangerous journey," Said Patrick.

"Hmmm! Dangerous"

"Yes don't you both silly girls know about it"

"Florida is connected with Bermuda," said Patrick.

Suddenly Lily fainted.

"Oh Jesus what is happening with my lovely daughter," said Mrs.Watson.

Call the doctor someone plz call the doctor.

"Hello I am a doctor plz give me aside I need to go and examine the girl," said Dr.Thomas

"Nothing big had happened she has just come in the contact of seasickness. Sprinkle some water and then make her lick a lime"


"Lick this lime Lily," said Stacy.

Are you fine?

"Yup! I am alright"

"Thank God, you are fine:-)"said Mrs. Watson.

Now you three may play together kids. "Lily you know when you fainted I was so scared" said Stacy.

" Well, you now when Patrick said that it's a dangerous trip. I was scared. As I saw a dream in which on this trip we all go into a massive destructive triangle in the sea. Then I suddenly woke up."

"What are you saying you are saying they seabird is about to go in Bermuda triangle The DDDDD, Devil's triangle,"said Patrick.

Ohh! Patrick will you just stop scaring Lily and stop talking about the Bermuda triangle in front of Lily. Said Stacy.

Well, my apologies

We are about to reach Bermuda city.

Whoo, see that fog all over that place.

"I think that we are about reach Bermuda triangle" said Patrick.

" Oh god Patrick you will get a tight slap from me. Stop talking about that silly triangle" said Stacy.


Will they go into the Bermuda triangle.

Suspense needs to be mentained

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