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Síñdhùja Selvakumar

Abstract Inspirational Children


Síñdhùja Selvakumar

Abstract Inspirational Children



2 mins 205 2 mins 205

When I was a little child

I accidentally poured ink on a report

That my father maintained 

I hid behind the couch fearing

My father's tantrums.

As he returned from work

The first thing he noticed

was the report drained with ink,

His eyes searched for me

And I heard him shout " Carl, just come out from where ever you are?"

The next thing happened,

I was standing before him, my heads laying down

To my surprise,

He did not rebuke me but

He caressed my head and gazed into my eyes 

And said "The reports are not more valuable than you, Carl!! So tell me what were you trying to do with the ink??

I apologized first and explained that

I was going to paint the sky on paper with ink.

From that day,

My father bought me colours

And canvas to paint my imagination

I laid my hands in different hues

Painted an empty canvas with

Flowers, monuments, mountains, people of sadness and merriment and so much more.

And now I am not only an artist for the entertainment

But the one who strokes the brush and creates magic in canvas as a fashion illustrator.

The artist in me has bestowed

A possibility of carving

A world from imagination.

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