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Dollie Mishra


Temple Again

Temple Again

2 mins

Till that the age of the sons of Andrew was 24 years. The wife of Andrew died in these 20 years due to an unknown accident. The name of the sons was Ammy and Wolfrah. They had lost any hope to live any more.

They once sat in a car and started thinking that why not they search their father. They took their car and started moving towards the temple of grey death.

As soon as they reached nearer to it they found a person, Maxim. Maxim became their friend. They asked Maxim why he is here. He replied in a dark feeble voice.

"I am searching for my friend Tom."

"Tom!" Ammy screamed.

"Tom is the one who was the last person to meet our father Andrew."

And with this thought, they all started moving. As they reached the temple their car exploded. They all were safe. The car was burning but no heat was felt by them.

They entered the temple. Their age after entering was 11 years. The temple was bluish hot. The three found a board game. Nothing was visible except it. Wolfrah asked, "Hey why are you throwing paper on me?" "I am not doing so." The words of the paper were Andrew and Tom are after this game. They wanted to play the game but it was night and they were sleepy so they all slept in that spooky creepy temple.

At around 2 am Ammy woke. He was in half-sleep, he turned towards Wolfrah. Ammy screamed as he saw a scary creature at the place of Maxim. He tried to awake Wolfrah but he was in dark deep dusty sleep. So he left Wolfrah at his position only.

"Hi, Ammy." That creepy creature started in a blurred voice.

"Who are you?" Ammy shouted.

Wolfrah due to Ammy's scream woke and asked, "why are you shouting at this time?"

Ammy asked Wolfrah to turn towards Maxim.

"Nothing is here," Wolfrah told in a blurry voice.

Ammy asked, "why are you saying in a blurred voice.?"

A soul passed through the body of Ammy; a hard breeze and Ammy slept. In the morning they woke but Ammy did not wake. Wolfrah thought that due to the night incident he is sleeping but Maxim after seeing Ammy's dark lips, blue nerves and green hair judged that it was Ammy's last sleep and now he is dead.

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