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"Struggles Of Life: Conquer And Succeed."

"Struggles Of Life: Conquer And Succeed."

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"Life and its journey has always been a rollercoaster ride and so was it for this girl,

A middle-class girl with high-class dreams to pursue the world.

The determination and dedication she had was none to compare.

The thought of never being hopeless was her definition of 'hope'.

Little did she knew,

The world has a lot for her to go through and conquer and it was just a start. 

In the conquest, she fumbled.

But nothing was stopping her to climb her ladder of success.

She failed and yet again she stayed without changing roads she walked through all the pebbles that were thrown.

And now,

Her day to shine was soon to come by and eventually and gradually came,

Paying off all the struggles and pain she had faced to get all the fame she always wanted to grace.

And that's what we learn here,

To never give up on dreams even though it's hard to complete,

It's a way to an ultimate realm,

You never knew exist,

But is there deep within,

To realize it, 

Its time to start facing the struggles of life,

To learn and to live by,

For a happy ending and an adventurous ride."

Thankyou you all for reading my story.

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