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Struggle In My Student Life And About My Heart #Father And Breath#Mother

Struggle In My Student Life And About My Heart #Father And Breath#Mother

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"Life is full is struggles." well said by someone. Sometimes we have fewer struggles and sometimes more struggles. But in that struggling life, busy life there are some persons who give a cute smile on your face. Some people think it's a lover, friends but in my opinion, they are the most handsome and beautiful having the most soft-hearted and they are parents. So in my life, I have two gifted lovers that are my breath#father my heart#mother.


I am a girl of 15 and a student of class 10. I am from a middle-class family and we can afford the best thing due to my hard work of father and mother. Many people think that student has no problems. Just they eat, sleep, and read. But let me say that a student has the most problems because that part of the student is the most important part of the student. Like in my life this phase is the most important phase where I could destroy or could be the strongest. And by looking at the hard work, desire and soft heart of my father I decided to be powerful. For me inspiration is is my father who is most adorable.

Let me begin from my childhood till now. I lived in a village where there are not many facilities not even of coaching but my mother managed it and I studied well but I had not much talent in co-curricular activities.we had so many problems with electricity also. But time changes and we had not faced much electricity problems. Time passed by and I stepped into class 6 where I have got selected in the entrance test and that day was the happiest day of my family but no for me because I was missing my previous school. But when I entered the school I was much happy because I have got first prize in my life and that was also the first position in the English essay competition. On that day happier were my father and mother. Days passed by and I have got many achievements. And in class 7 I decided to move to my previous school. When I entered my school many friends laughed upon me due to my dressing style and fatness. But in that darkness, I got home from my parents that let them say whatever they want and that was not the first time but any time I have got insulted due to my fatness. As we are three siblings my father works day and night for the betterment of our studies and I read in a small private school of a small town but my father and mother fulfill all the demands that we want till today.

Class 8 was the best class of my life where I got an academic excellence award for the first time and on that day just my feet were not on the ground and I have also achieved 2 medals in sports. Really on that day, I have seen the biggest smile on my father and mother's face and I realized that it was not my hard work but my parent's struggles. It is not a big thing to get an academic award. But as I was from the village I had a temporary teacher who often I was proud of my parents. In school also our principal was happy to see that girl coming from a village is the topper.

But all my happiness was just broken up into pieces when I knew that my best friend was one mark ahead of me. That day was our annual function when I knew about the marks but the prize was to be received next year. But after hearing that I will not get the academic award I had just cried continuously at night every day. And I have not shared about my worst sadness of not getting the prize for my parents also but I have shared it with my diary my best friend.

I know someone would not find any interesting in my story. But when you would live in a village struggling for facilities and study you would know the feeling. Then I stepped into class 9 where nothing much happened just thinking about dream family and study. And I have got the second position in this class

Now I stepped into class 10 which is the most important class to be said. Here my parents decided to arrange a coaching class for class 10 and as we had a small car, I and my best friend started going for coaching classes in the evening to a nearby town which is 10 km from our village. Then the poison came to our country to destroy the student life that is COVID-19. As I have internet facilities we had done online classes that are still continuing.

But in this phase, the most important person was my father who had a small clinic in the village and looks after the people and a medicine shop. He works under an asbestos roof in the summer, winter, and rainy. He even sometimes go at night at about 1:30 a.m and also 3:00 a.m to cure patients. For his social service for people, he had also been awarded the best social worker in our district. He can't sleep even in the afternoon also just busy all day. He comes home for snacks and tea but spends the rest of his time in the clinic. My father is a man of simplicity who doesn't like this modern world but for our happiness, he tries to be modern.

My father had a dream that would be a doctor and that's my dream also. There are lakhs of students wants to be a doctor but I want to be a doctor of humanity who would try her best to give medicines at a cheaper price. My dream is also to be a social worker.

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