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Maruf Hasan

Abstract Inspirational Others


Maruf Hasan

Abstract Inspirational Others



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“Sir, why we tend to follow scientific worldview?” asked Plato.

“because we are fed up with religious dogmas,” said Socrates.

“Sir, what is the current establish form of Scientific world view or what are the major parameters of Scientific worldview?” Plato asked.

Socrates answered calmly, “Well, these are mostly Positivism (No God since no sample of God like white cup) Empiricism (No values) materialism (We are servant of society) Freudianism (Sex driven animals)”

“Why do you accept Scientific worldview Sir?” Plato arrogantly asked.

“You need to know Christian spirituality where if someone slaps you and you should not protect you rather you let him offer another slap at your face. That’s open stupidity and, also, Analytic and continental philosophers were mostly against religious orthodoxy and they were in dilemma. Diderot first introduced the idea of accepting scientific worldview rejecting all types of religious faiths. Due to development of science, scientific worldview is becoming more popular day by day among young generation in 21st century” Socrates said.

“Sir do you follow Scientific worldview personally?” Plato asked again.

“No, I am a Muslim and I prefer to die as a Muslim. I like the philosophy of Muhammad. Weather he is right or wrong, after years of my investigations of vast world literature I concluded this” Socrates uttered.

“Are not you acting like stupid now by following Islam? “Plato asked angrily.

“Not at all, I think (paused for few seconds) because Islamic spirituality has the answers and clear pictures that Christian spirituality, Scientific worldview and other religions in the world do not have that. Mostly they are ambiguous when it comes to solve the issues of practical living for individuals “Socrates mentioned.

“Why do you think so sir? I know Islam is like other thousands of religions in the world. Are you not being stubborn like other religious people?”

“Well, even following Scientific worldview is also like stubbornness though you feel like that is the most rational position in the world. This is up to you but to me Islam is the most rational position in the world. For instance, issue of human development (Muhammad asking to fight back if someone comes to take away your wealth unlike Christian spirituality) and Existential Crisis (Meaning making from the concept of One God and Soul) Islam do give solutions. In Fact, if you look at biography of Muhammad and his companions you will have vast literature to act in your practical living and Muhammad asked to solve problems when it comes to worldly matter by using rationality and science and follow him when it comes to spiritual matter as we know from his life. In fact, he used to listen companions to solve problems during battle even if the ideas are used by non-Muslims outside of Madinah. In fact, he provided options for our life to utilize it in full potentials. You do not need to follow anyone to act upon Islam and you can just do by yourself. For practical living the Islam has greater solutions than Scientific worldview. Islam does appreciate scientific discoveries as we have seen in Muslim history in the past and at the same time it promotes spirituality for your practical life when you face difficulties in life. You can use the concept of God as irrational numbers, pie as infinity (There is nothing like him as Quran says) and use that concept to have a better lifestyle in practical sense. Ibn Arab’s affirmation and negation (for the names of God and Islamic spirituality), Farid Al attar’s Ideal King, Imam Jawji’s rationality and emotional concept can help you to become a better man in life that scientific worldview cannot provide (survival of the fittest, Humans are bound by economy, humans are possessed by sex, human emotions are just chemical reactions. These concepts will block your potentialities when you want to develop yourself since they would say life has no intrinsic meaning and we are purposeless in the universe).” Socrates become silent after long speech.

“Sir, I need to study more to check the credibility of your speech. Thank you by the way to express your stance “Plato said.

“I do not say I am right. I know that I do not know. I need to inquire more to know “Socrates left the stage.

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