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Small Steps

Small Steps

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Eric Thomas has said, "when you want to be as successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful". This quotation is my personal favorite and my goto after every devastating

failure. I have always been a person of dedication and I never fail to put in my 100 percent in whatever thing I take in my hands but since I entered class 11, nothing happened according to my plans. I wanted to study zoology for my graduation but I ended with arts (which is also my thing). I always had this feeling that everything will happen as I have planned but finally after 5

years during this lockdown while self-introspection I realized a very important thing that no one is perfect and not everything we plan is meant to happen. My lockdown story is not very

happening, however, it is a struggling one.

Every day is a new struggle with my own self. I lost my routine after entering college, discipline turned in my comfort zone. So, my aim was and still is ( yes, am still trying) to get

into my routine which made me top class 10th ( my first dream come true). Every day I try to get up early but trust me I have failed 95 % times. I want to study every day, exercise, read, dance, sing, write stories, and discover myself a little more ( there is always something that you can learn). However, what I end up doing is eat, sleep, and start overthinking which makes me depressed and what I end up doing is absolutely zero. There's always a hope inside my heart which says to me that you will do it for sure. So I will always try no matter how hard it takes. The good part about this lockdown is that I earned a few achievements although I am not able to achieve my routine which made me realize that every single aim in life needs a different routine

and plans. One thing which has to be consistent throughout life is the only discipline.

So, I completed three online courses which are Google digital marketing, TCS ion soft skills, and one from vigeo international. I also took part in the essay writing competition conducted by my

college and also in an all India speech competition in which I am among the top 10 contenders. One of the best things which also happen is, I received my first stipend as an intern in

collegeduniya.com. I have learned a lot during this lockdown which has made me a better person. I am just on my way to learn more and more and take more small steps.

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