She Blocked Me...

She Blocked Me...

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He never prioritized a thing in life, then she met him on Facebook and the involuntary mental tweak triggered. He found a purpose; He found himself in someone, she found an interesting man.

His career started to blossom, days became more meaningful and life, even more beautiful. His desire to replicate this happiness for their future together was his push. 

The days were always tiring, but Ping! her message online every evening reminded him that this is a journey to everlasting togetherness. Because, "today's toil averts future turmoil"

These efforts and enthusiasm started making him engaged and keeping them aloof. The purpose was robust, its understanding for her- not really.

She blocked him on Facebook and everything online to be in touch. He lost the love of his life, and his internal battle to fight his shortcomings as well. The only thing that she lost- Habit. Habit of talking to him.

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