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Swagata Pathak

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5 mins

- Let me go , I don't want to see your face again... 

Sejuti Burst into tears and shout at Ronit.

- Please Sejuti give me one last chance I'll Prove myself...

- No it's over... You are not that person that I can trust again... You have broken me apart.. 

After saying that Sejuti is crying madly...

Ronit has no idea what will he do right now.. he doesn't want to lose his girlfriend. But he has already mad a big blunder. 

It is almost 2 am. Sejuti is walking alone on the street of Kolkata. And all the sweetest memories are coming to her mind immediately. Yes That was a day when she first met Ronit in her dream city Kolkata. They have made a lot of memories , they had spent loving moments here.. but today Ronit was with another girl. She can't even imagine. No there is no mercy of cheating. Sejuti never forgives Ronit. 

Sejuti has wiped away her tears and looking for a taxi. It's too late she was not in the situation that she would notice the time. Now the darknes of life along with the lonely city is saying to her " now your are alone.. you have no choice to step back you have to go forward but there are a lot of challenges. Do you have the courage to face them? "

Sejuti is a strong minded woman she will never give up she will prove her self and will show the world yes she can fight and win the toughest match of the life. She will never look back.. 

Fifteen minutes left there was not a single taxi crossed the road. And Time is running. Sejuti told to her family that she will stay at her friend's house for tonight and they don't Have to worried about her. But now she is in a big trouble. And it's not possible for her to infrom her family that she has been standing at the taxi stand for half an hour and she doesn't know she'll get anything or not.

After some time Sejuti is feeling little bit of uncomfortable because she can feel that someone is stalking her. But when she turned around there was no one.. from the beginning when she stepped out from the party , somthing or Someone was behind her, at first she thought that may be Ronit was coming behind her but few minutes later she felt that no it wasn't Ronit. There was no one.. but some weird feeling was knocking her mind.

This is the time a perfect moment for saying some words to yourself.. the city of joy now is in sleeping mode. But it will never know One persons in this world is standing alone and console herself to live again and smile... this is soo difficult.. But she is trying..

Suddenly a sweet voice has come from behind,

- excuse me ! Are you waiting for the taxi?

The incident just has happened in a moment that make sejuti quite scared.

She replied,

- yes ! But you..?

- hey ! I was also waiting for the taxi.

Sejuti was in little bit of confusion, she was not there from the beginning so how can she appeared suddenly.. 

Sejuti asked her..

- but I didn't see you before?

That girl smiles at her and says

- I was there from the first , you were looking quite upset that's why you may didn't notice me. 

Sejuti thought may be it's true. But...

That girl says again ,

- actually night is very important in our life at least in that moment we can understand the actual value of light.

- sorry I didn't get it , what are you trying to say..?

- I'm trying to say that , when we are in pain or anger we won't notice the others things may be those are more important.. 

Getting in pain for a long time will make you stronger but when you lose hope your mind will kill you..! It will destroy everything...

Sejuti is now getting irritated

She has replied,

- thank you for your kind suggestions.. I'll definitely apply these in my life.. and for the time being please excuse me.

After listening the rude words from Sejuti the girl again smiles and say,

- yes I know you will apply it but.. 

Now that girl is almost impossible to Sejuti she , shout at the girl and say,

- get lost from here and leave me alone. 

Again the girl smile and stand there silently.

Sejuti takes a quick look at her mobile phone. 22 missed call from Ronit.

No she will naver call him back. never !!

A drop of tears roll down from Sejuti's eye. She loved him a lot and that's the thing he give her in return.

Ronit calling again. Sejuti doens't received it.

- some time it's very difficult to forgive but we have to take that difficult step to make a big difference.

Again the voice has come from behind.

Sejuti doens't reply.

Ronit is calling again. Sejuti ignore the call.

- if you are deeply in love with someone you must give him a second chance.

Now it's too much Sejuti turns around and asked the girl... 

- who the hell are you...? 

- a night traveller..

The girl replies politely.

- fuck ! Stop joking and come out with your name...

The girl smiles again and replies

- I'm your shadow !!

Sejuti gets angry and says,

- you bitch ! Just remove your hoodie and show me your bloody freakin face... 

The girl smiles and says,

- you are not so courageous enough to accept the truth so don't ever try to expose the shadow.

- how dare you ! You are here to judge me that I'm Courageous or not..

Ronit is calling again and again ! 

Sejuti walks towards that girl and forcefully remove her hoodie. And Sejuti has seen that thing she will never expected.. it was her.. she must be her identical twins.. sejuti can see herself is standing infront of her and the creepy smile on her face is revealing that You are guilty..

Sejuti steps back and receives Ronit's call.

- hello ! 

- hello sejuti I'm saniya ! Please don't disconnecte the call listen to me..

With a loud voice Sejuti asks,

- Where is Ronit ?

Saniya has broken into tears and says

- Ronit is no more !! 

When you stepped out from the party he was running after you. And suddenly he came infront of a loaded truck and...

Sejuti disconnects the call and Running towards the party place again.

One line is running to her mind " if you are deeply in love with someone you must give him a second chance." 

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