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Shades Of Transparency

Shades Of Transparency

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Transparency can save the world, as light will pass through unfiltered. The opaqueness of objects which causes partial reflection colors the world.

Water objected,

“I need to save the life inside from the outside world. So, the inmates cannot be in full view.”

Sky objected,

“I cannot let the Gods be corrupted. Godliness needs protection.”

Wind sighed,

I am invisible anyway, but hold the power to move the world.”

“So, you are the culprit,” hissed Fire,

“You carried stuff from here to there, fanning my flames in the process, without knowing the impact. Humans have now felt the other worlds, but lack complete ownership. Their quest for complete ownership, without knowing the nature of what they wish to possess, will continue to corrupt the universe.

I need to purify the world now, but it needs to be destroyed completely first.”

“Wait,” said the Gods,

“I have worked hard on creating this world. Each state needs to go through the other to decipher the underlying code. Let them learn the lessons.”

You forgot to give memory to the soul, to help it retain the lessons. It is completely transparent and allows experience to pass through. It absorbs, but does not retain.

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