Sense and sensibility

Sense and sensibility

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Sense or sensing is a way by which our body perceives an external stimulus like touch, smell, hearing etc.. and sensibility refers to a particular quality in a person, that enables him or her to respond aesthetically in situations. Now very often having been given all the senses, we mostly fail to respond appropriately. In many situations in life when we feel challenged or being simply put in an unpleasant circumstance, in spite of having all the senses, we show a dearth of sensibility. i have wondered. why this happens ....the only thing that stands between sense and sensibility is EGO..or self importance. In the wake of recent events in my country, some petty but most are gruesome, i feel that sensibility is mostly lost in us, it people or media or whoever and suprisingly the people who swear by the word sensibility are the most insensible ones....human beings never fail to amaze me....the most unpredictables of our creation .... .

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