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Shankar Sarkar



Shankar Sarkar


Road Trip

Road Trip

6 mins 9.1K 6 mins 9.1K

It was month of June. 4 friends Sahil, Taranjeet, Rahul & Rajiv has cleared their engineering exam with 1st grade and are preparing for GRE exams so that they can get admission in the US university. While preparing for examination together in the room of Taranjeet, Sahil jumped up off his seat and asked other three friends to pay attention toward him. Taranjeet, Rahul & Rajiv where irritated with Sahils such behavior. Taranjeet shouted ‘Ki gal hai’ (what happened)

Sahil with mischief smile on his face asked other friends his idea of 15day tour to Goa with beach & babe on bike. Taranjeet replied with laughter, me & Rahul only have bike we can arrange our babe what about you 2. After some jokes it was decided that babe have to be searched at GOA beach and not to be carried from Mumbai.

Next day all friends visited the mall to purchase tents; The trip was for 15days on bike so they started exploring the route to Goa as well as searching for beaches & other scenic beauty on the way to Goa. They decided to reach Goa on bike through National Highway 66.

On a Friday evening all friends packed up their bag & tent on their bullet bike. It was 9.00 clock at Sion circle they begin their journey to Goa. Around 12 ‘o’ clock at night they reached the starting point of Karnala natural reserve. They all decided to take rest in the resort at the out skirt’s of Karnala jungle.

Day 01 their journey begin at 5 ‘o’clock in a morning. Around 10 ‘o’ clock all the friend halted their journey to freshen up along the river side. They have bread & omelet in breakfast along with fruit juice. They begin their journey around 11:30A.M. While riding on bike they came across may scenic sites which they were unable to resist. Continuous halt in journey is delaying their planned schedule for journey. They are least bothered about delay in journey. They were busy taking photograph on regular interval. As trip was in the month of June there are many waterfalls along the highway as well as greenery was making their journey pleasant. They skipped their lunch in excitement of journey.

They reached small village around 6.00 P.M. where they decided to rest for that night. The village was near Raigad Fort Natural reserve.

Day 02, morning all 4 friends swim in the river and rode on bike Mahad & Birwad. They visited Raigad fort and were impressed by the architecture and engineering of Raigad Fort as they all are engineering student that evening they drunken tadi (Indian Beer) from local village tadi shop & ate roasted chicken provided by one of the village person at very low cost. They slept that night below open sky in the tent.

Around 6.00 A.M. next morning journey begin. They already planned to halt in Chiplun and stay that night in Rahul's House. They are greeted as guest by Rahul's family. Rahul used to stay in boy’s hostel in Mumbai and use to come to Chiplun on bike occasionally. They were surprised by scenic beauty of chiplun. Vishisthi river was surrounded by rice paddy field. People where planting rice in their field as monsoon has just reached Chiplun. Day 03 ended in Chiplun along with Rahul’s family members.

Day 04 They started their journey at morning around 6.00 A.M. to Ganpati phule. They reached Ganpati phule around 8:00 A.M. They Surfed & Para glided in the beach that day. They were feeling tired today so they decided to halt their journey to Chandoli Natural park, where they checked into hotel through MTDC online booking. They took the dinner and planned to drive in night for further journey. They rode on bike after hour of ride Rahul realized they took wrong turn and reached Umbraj on National Highway 48.

Rahul asked to stop immediately and told them that they are on wrong turn. Being Engineering student Taranjeet doubled checked in google map. All 4 friend reached to consciences to reach Goa through Kolhapur Route. Rajiv was feeling home sick. He called his girl friend on cell phone and told her about trip to Goa.They reached to nearby State bus depot in Umbraj where they spent that night.

Day 05, It was different day sun was shining bright that morning. They freshen up them self in public toilet constructed under swach bharat mission. After taking breakfast they started their tour towards Goa. While riding on bike Taranjeet bike got some problem and halt to stand still. All friends started to diagnose problem with his bike but unable to solve it. Mean while approximately 65 years old guy with strong voice asked ‘Kay jhala’ (what happen?) shouted from his field where he was planting for cultivation. Old guy was poor farmer was earning his livelihood from cultivating in farm. Taranjeet asked for help from him. Old guy told garage is at least 1hour away. Rahul rode on bike toward garage as per address provided by old guy. Old guy shouted ‘Natha’ (8year old grandson of old guy). Natha ran toward his grandfather and asked ‘kay’ (what). Old guy introduced Sahil, Taranjeet & Rajiv to his grandson.

Old guy shared his bhakri with all the 3 friend, Rahul came back with mechanic on his back seat. Mechanic checked bike & repaired the bike in few hours. All 4 friends do not have any work to do so they helped old guy in his work. Sun was setting down in west. All 4 friends were tired. Old man asked them to stay in house for night. All 4 were hesitating to excepting invitation but finally the decided to stay in house of old man.

After taking dinner all four friends were sitting on charpai (Indian bed) along with old man. Taranjeet asked old man where your son is. Old man with grief face replied he & his wife committed suicide last year as there was no proper monsoon. There was grief silence in dark night and slowly every one move in to their bed.

Day 06, Taranjeet offered old man some money, but he refused. Old man with his grandson started to walk toward their farm field. Old man was looked tensed, as monsoon will start any time and he have to construct temporary dam so that rain should not washy away his farmland.

Taranjeet and his friend decided to help old man. So that all work can be finished before monsoon arrives. After days hard work they finished temporary dam and after taking bath they decided to leave for Goa. On the way to Goa Monsoon arrived with thunder storm. They rode hard and reached to some nearby guest house. After taking dinner they fell to sound sleep.

Day 07, Thunder storm is anticipated by weather department and no vehicle was allowed on road. All friends are worrying about old man. As soon as rain stopped in evening all friends rode back to see whether the farm they worked are safe. Old man was standing on his feet alone on the dam constructed by 4 boys. Taranjeet moved toward old man and asked him about his grandson. Old man hugged Taranjeet and thanked him for constructing dam on time as it has provided old man & his grandson to live for another year till next monsoon all of them have tears on their face.

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