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Rima's Paper Plane

Rima's Paper Plane

4 mins

Rima stays in the village and is 15year old, she walks 7km to reach her school, her family wants her to stop her education as they cannot bear the expenses anymore as they have 4 more children to look after, Rima is a talented girl she is good in sports and studies as well. After school, she goes with her mother to houses to make chapatis but she doesn't like and instead, she loves to teach the kids in that house, where her mother works.

Rima has passed her 10th class with flying colors and now she wants to get admission in the city as she wants to become a pilot, she always used to make paper planes out of papers which her father used to get as he was newspaper vendor, he always used to have leftover papers which were of no use and Rima would love to make planes from them and she had a dream to fly one day.

She asked her parents to let her go to the city so that she could pursue her dream of being a pilot, her father wanted to get her married and her mother never even knew what a pilot does...Rima wrote exams to get a scholarship and finally, she received one and she was ready to catch her dream but her father didn't agree and said if she would go today, she can never return back again. Rima was sad but she was a strong girl she didn't lose or give up on her dream, she packed her bags and got ready, her father was angry and took all the paper planes she had collected and was about to burn them, Rima saw this and came running but her father had already burnt it, she tried to put off the fire and in this, she hurt her hand, but she managed to save a few, her father said he would never see her face again, she asked sorry and took her mother's blessing and promised to return as a pilot one day.

Years passed, Rima got her education and also took care of her expenses on her own, the first day she came to the city, she was teased and was made fun as she had got admission to a big university and as she belonged to the village, people used to make fun of her English but she would try to speak and watch movies and slowly she was very fluent in English and spoke better than the others. She was good at studies and kept doing well.

Finally, this was the day when she was officially going to be given the degree for being pilot and she had tears in her eyes, she remembered her parents and the struggle she had to do, but finally, her dream had come true.

This was the first time she was going to fly 300 passengers and she was responsible for all their lives, she was nervous and proud as well.She was successful in her first flight, it was not just her first time flying the plane but also the first time sitting and traveling in a plane.

She went to her village, her parents couldn't recognize her,she had come in a BMW car and her parents and villagers thought the car might belong to some celebrity who has come for shooting,her parents saw her coming towards them,her mother ran towards her shouting,"yeh meri beti Rima hai",she burst out in tears and so did Rima,her father was surprised and in tears to see her in pilot's attire and owning such a big and posh car, he was proud of his daughter and felt sad for burning her plane which was her dream.

Her father hugged her and they all were in tears.

Rima booked a flight for them and said she will be flying their plane and they all were so excited and happy.

Rima was flying and her parents were happy to fly on the plane her daughter was flying.

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