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Mona Sharon

Abstract Children Stories


Mona Sharon

Abstract Children Stories

Realization Of Luxuries

Realization Of Luxuries

5 mins 176 5 mins 176

Shikha and Shashi were married for 10 years and had 2 kids a Boy Shobhit and a Girl Shobha. They love them a lot.

They had good business and full property and kept a huge Bank Balance for their children.

One day in summer, it was too hot, Kids demanded a Swimming Pool, they ordered an online kit for them. Within 3 days it was delivered, to the Surprise for kids, Shikha and Shashi opened it, filled it with Gas first and once it took shape then started filling water in it. It took them almost 4 hours to organize for kids. They were waiting for the kids to wake up and see it. They woke up, Shashi and Shikha closed their eyes and took them near the pool and said in a loud voice “SURRRPRISEEEEEE”!!!

Kids looked at their parents and said “ Is this a surprise, HUHHHHHH ????? “ We thought you bought a Farmhouse with a swimming pool for us, Come on! , you guys are crazy !!!, it's just a plastic pool...

It was a shock to them on their parenting. Shikha cried the whole day and did not talk to anyone.

Evening Shashi asked her, “what happened, you are so quiet”?

She replied ,” Shashi, multiple questions going on in my mind, are we, bad parents? We tried to give them a luxurious life, and gave her everything that they did not even think or wish for, Are they bad kids? Where are we lacking? What made them say this, do they have a lot of expectations on us? Shall we punish them or explain them, or just kick them out of the house”

Shashi with a soft voice said,” Do not panic ,I have a plan , we will take them to a village , you just say whatever papa says they have to do it.” She agreed.

Next day, everything was normal, Shashi was working in his laptop, others were watching Tv, food was ready on the dining table, AC was on, It was hot outside but chilled in the house, kids were jumping on the sofa having some snacks. Suddenly, Shashi Shouted, “Whattttttttttttt??????? OMG, Nowwwwww, I Can’ttttttt!!! Shikhaaaaaaaaa, just pack everything we have to rushhhhhhhhh!

Shikha and Kids enquired, “what happened, who was there on call? “.He replied, “I will tell you in the car , just take some clothes and runnnn!!”. Everything was so fast they could not understand what was happening.

He drove for 10 miles, there was huge silence in the car, and then he said, “ We are in huge loss, I got a threatening call that some guys will kidnap my kids or blast my house on fire. I love you all and I Can’t let anyone hurt because of me.” I am sorry about all this, please promise to be with me in my bad time also.” All of them kept hands together and promised that whether its good time or bad time we will be together always.

There was no petrol in the car, they have to leave the car there and took their bags and started walking, they saw a village with some kaccha houses. All were tired they wanted to take rest. A Villager enquired who were they and why they came to the village. Shashi said, “ our life is in danger due to the loss in business can you help us to get someplace on rent here”. He said, “ By God’s Grace We all are owners of Land here, there is no place for rent in this whole village if you are looking for shelter, There is a church with a ground, you can stay there for some days.” They thanked them and went to the place, it was full of dirt and there was nothing on the floor. They were so tired and slept there on the floor. In the morning they heard some noise, kids went to see what was that, it was pig fight, they just came back and sat quietly.

Shobha who was only 8 years old with a low voice said,” Mamma, I am hungry”, can we order something online. Papa replied,” Sorry, dear we have neither money nor any facility to order”.

She ran out and brother followed her, she saw a lake where some kids were playing in the water and were enjoying their life, waving hands in water, throwing it on each other. They just recollected about the swimming pool incident. She was so hungry and had nothing to eat was feeling helpless. They decided to apologize parents and were coming back to Church, on the way she saw some people distributing food to the people sitting in Church Corridor. She begged with them and asked 2 more extra packets for her parents. Both the kids went to the parents and Apologized.

Shikha said, “don’t be sorry to us, You should be sorry to God who gave you a good life but you did not thank him”. They stood in the village for a week and faced many situations where they missed each and every single luxury at home. Shobha fell ill and needed treatment for fever, So he took some help with the villager, took his phone and acted as if he was calling and shouted,” Whattttt?? Is it ??? Todayyyyy Sure, come” There were a lot of question marks on everyone’s face, he hung the phone and said, the things are solved and my assistant is coming to pick us.

The kids realized the luxuries what they had, and became very obedient and sincere after this incident in life.

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