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Samra Hamid

Abstract Children Stories Others


Samra Hamid

Abstract Children Stories Others

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

3 mins

It was a nice sunny day and this little girl Tina was all ready to go out and play with her friends. But suddenly the clouds started to change its colours from blue to grey…it started drizzling. Ad after a while it began to pour ( heavy rain). Tina got scared and went back inside her house as she could hear the loud sound of lightning and thunder. Tina’s mom told her not to be afraid it’s just raining heavily. When the rain finally stopped Tina and her mom went out for a walk. Tina wore her raincoat, put on her gumboots and mumma took her umbrella. It was beautiful weather with a rainbow in the sky. 

And do you know when they went outside, what all they saw. They saw the things we see during the rainy season. 

While walking the roadside Tina saw puddles filled with water. She started jumping in them and had lots of fun. When she moved a little ahead she saw a frog… Do you want to know what was the frog singing...  

A little frog, 

In a pond am I,

Hippity, hoppity, hop.

Watch me jump in the air so high,

Hippity, hoppity, hop.

Tina was very happy and told her mom to walk through a beautiful green park. There she saw a big long snake. …. S is for the snake which slithers along. Sssssss says the snake as he sings his song. 

Tina saw someone hiding under a leaf, you know who it was. It was a Centipede. The centipede gave a little squirm, has anyone seen my leg if not found I will have to slither around on the other ninety nine. 

Now the little girl Tina started feeling very hungry so her mom took a corn on the cob from the seller who was roasting them. She squeezed a lemon and enjoyed eating it. Tina started to sing in happiness

Colourful and sweet,

I think you are my favourite thing to eat.

Orange and white and yellow too,

Candy corn is so much fun to chew. 

 After finishing the corn Tina met an insect sitting on a log of wood with black dots on its body. Do you know who it was? It was a ladybug.   

 Ladybug Ladybug on the tree,

 Fly down here and sit with me. 

Rest on my hand, I’ll count your spots,

2, 4, 6, 8 polka dots!

Tina saw so many things during the rainy season like ladybug, centipede, corns, snake, frog and beautiful flowers glooming all around. Her mom told Tina that it can rain heavily again so let’s go back home as soon as we could and you know children finally on the way back home they saw a beautiful peacock dancing. 

So children through this story we learnt about the things we see during the rainy season. Let's do a recap of the things we see during the rainy season. Umbrella, gumboots, raincoat, frog, centipede, corn on the cob, snake, mushroom, ladybug, puddles etc.

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