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5.15 pm, I was already late for my duty. Washed my face and left for the ward. Luckily, though I was late, I was the first one to reach. As I entered, I saw an old man sitting with his wife and a little girl.

Old man was around 65 years of age with grey hair, wrinkled skin and was wearing a spectacles which was broken from the middle. Next to him was a little girl with the cutest smile I have ever seen. After wearing a stethoscope I sat on the chair and started taking the history.

"So what is the patients name and age" I asked, "RADHA, and she is 3 years old" replied the old man,"what happened?" "She is my granddaughter, she can't walk and had multiple fractures". I looked towards Radha and she was constantly smiling which brought smile to my face also. After taking the history and examining the patient, I told them that we need to perform some test and get an x-ray, so that we can reach a diagnosis.

Next day the reports came and we reached to a conclusion that the patient had OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTA which is a disease of mineralisation of bone, in short, it was clear that Radha will not be able to walk. so I called the old man and told him "Sir, I am extremely sorry to inform you that reports have come and they are not that good, your grand daughter has a disease of bone due to which she is unable to bear her own weight. And I don't think she will be able to walk ever. So if you want, you can take the child home as there is nothing much which we can do in this case." He looked at me with moist eyes and said "No, we will wait, I think she will walk".

Many days passed by, there was no sign of improvement, But Radha became everyone's favourite, her smile used to make everyone happy in the ward. Though she was not able to walk but whenever I used to go near her bed she used to crawl and come to me. I saw the old man, the crack in his glasses widened further, I walked towards and asked "How are you so positive that she will walk?"

He replied "I want to see her walking one day" and he left.

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