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Having been brought up in a household of girls and then raising my own two girls, I never knew what life could have been had I brothers or sons. Then my first granddaughter was born, whom I adore. Seemed like God had chiseled her features, half American, half Indian, a beauty nonpareil. 

When my second girl was pregnant, I had this dream of hubby holding hands with a boy of ten, strolling on the beaches of Goa, having a heart to heart conversation. I shared my dream with the family and they told me it was wishful thinking on my part, desirous of raising a grandson. I chuckled, certain that I would this time, be blessed with a grandson.

Lo and behold my dream came true when the nurse rolled in the cot with a little bundle wrapped in blue...and announced: "congratulations you have a grandson!".  

He is now all of four and with him, my last wish stands fulfilled of enjoying his company a few more years.  A dream come alive!

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