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Mouna M

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Mouna M

Abstract Drama Tragedy



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Hey, are you Corona Positive?? The words hit her ears harshly. She thought being positive will always work, but being Corona Positive, never. The day she got tested, was the day she started thinking only about herself, which was not at all possible earlier on in her life. She took Corona test very positively in her life. She thought she should not ask God, why her? instead, it should be only her. God has given her a second chance to think it over about the happenings in her life. God might have thought this lady's traffic signal is always green, so let me show her the red signal wherein she could halt in this fast moving phase of life and give it a second thought, not only about herself, but also about her family. Amen, who can reverse God's decision. There, she walked proudly upstairs, ignoring the comments and gossips about being corona positive, of course, being positive helps, you see.

She just threw everything on the floor, collapsed on the easy chair, which was her favorite. Tears started rolling down from nowhere. Slowly, she started crying, slowly shrieking and squealing. It took a while for her to realize that she was all alone. She splashed water on her face, felt a bit relaxed. She started talking to herself...

Thank you God, you gave me the time to resurrect myself !

I know only you could do this to find my true self!

I am able to work on myself, both in and outward...

To make a better myself oh my Lord..

We come and we go all alone..

why do we care about others than God alone?

The anger within me has come down

Paving way to the calmness I found on my own!

Gossips and loose talks aren't my cup of tea anymore...

I have left all that to become more pure...

Jealousy thy name is woman....

Which I burnt as it makes me feel like an orphan...

In the eyes of my Lord, my Savior

whose help makes me a warrior....

Lust is what pulls you down from reaching God

Which, of course, I hit with a red hot, iron rod!

Pride and prejudice doesn't let you grow..

Forget about it and just let it go!!

Envy about whom? we all are His Children

Lets help each other in coming out of the lion's den!

By being Greed about my Family, I could not be complete...

I found the chance to lead, once I learnt to Greet..

The Lord within me and outside me..

who let me be me.....

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