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saravanan Periannan

Tragedy Crime Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Tragedy Crime Thriller

Police Chapter 5

Police Chapter 5

3 mins 95 3 mins 95

Read Police Chapters 1,2,3,4 before reading Chapter 5.

A fictional story series.

CID in disguise investigates the way in which terrorists entered Tamilnadu.

Army soldiers call the army doctor to treat these terrorists and waits for them to recover to the point where they can be subjected to investigation.

A rich businessman man yawns as a terrorist working as a cook in his house serves him coffee and keeps a cheque in the coffee tray.

The businessman signs the cheque and sees the amount written to be 1 crore.

The businessman asks which in CBRNE.

The terrorist says C but not be explosive.

The abbreviation for CBRNE is Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives.

Ok, ok says the businessman smiling.

The CID arrested three officers who helped in the infiltration of terrorists by accepting their fake details.

This news flashes all over India and Kangavel drinks black tea along with DGP.

DGP after a sip keeps the cup on the table and asks kanagavel what may be their next move and are the people doing these murders are terrorists.

It is a 50-50 ratio only sir says kanagavel after a sip of black tea.

Two convicts are loaded into a Police van which is driven into court.

Terrorist in a car urges the chemist to prepare the solution and they see a lawyer coming to a tea shop and the terrorist says it must smell but do not make high concentration.

Inside the car, a chemistry lab was designed brilliantly.

Vaanmathi nods her head and gives him three bottles small test tubes sealed.

The terrorist goes to a tea shop and gives the lawyer a small test tube and hands over other two persons the bag with two small test tubes and gets two bajji with chutney from the tea shop.

The lawyer leaves to the courtroom where the trial takes place.

The lawyer just now in Tea shop watched a movie in which the courtroom is filled with relatives, friends, and people supporting the convicts.

But in reality no relatives, friends, people are allowed inside the courtroom where the trial takes place.

The lawyer smiles as he ensures the mask to cover his nose is ready.

The two convicts are brought inside the courtroom and the doors are closed.

A police constable spots a mercenary walking inside the court compounds and calls the DGP.

That police constable knows he is a mercenary as he was arrested by this constable for a murder.

The police constable immediately informs the control room about this and the message is forwarded to DGP in Virudhunagar.

The DGP orders the Special Taskforce to go to court.

The lawyer opens the test tube and people start fainting and vomiting.

The people run in panic with some fainting and vomiting.

The two convicts fall fainting and the mercenaries lift them from the court and take them to a car.

The terrorist outside smiles wearing a mask saying "thioacetone for you guys."

DGP informs in a secret meeting that terrorists are using mercenaries and they have diverted us using illegal alcohol issues.

But this is terrorizing to our people.

DGP gets the news that two convicts are saved by mercenaries.

Kanagavel says they must be terrorists who must have a part in the plan of terrorists.

DGP adds Kanagavel in the special task force to stop and arrest the terrorists before they execute their plans.

To be continued as Police Chapter 6.

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