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saravanan Periannan

Tragedy Crime Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Tragedy Crime Thriller

Police Chapter 3

Police Chapter 3

3 mins 221 3 mins 221

Read Police Chapter 1,2 before reading chapter 3.

A fictional story series.

Shan's body is thrown in front of the. police station that Kanagavel is working.

Kanagavel in medical leave is informed about the happening and he rushes to Police station with the help of his sister.

Kanagavel enters the crime scene as he shows his ID card and tells his sister to wait outside.

Kangavel sees the face of the body and cries. His friend Shanmugam is lying dead there.

Kanagavel realises his friend Shan aka shanmugam has saved him from his captivity.

Kangavel stands as some police officers stop him as crime scene investigators (CSI) are investigating the scene.

Photographers click photos and news reporters outside the barricades with a barricade tape on it with words "Do not enter" shout a question that criminals are challenging police and what police could do?

Christie tells that police will investigate upon it and will arrest whoever is responsible for it.

Kanagavel calls Christie after she finishes answering the reporter's questions and tells her that the dead person in crime scene is his friend Shan aka Shanmugam and a criminal who works for secret criminal gangs and he saved me from that criminals.

Christie says so you are trying to say that if we arrest some criminals who got arrested with shan using criminal records, we can get an idea to get the secret criminal gangs.

Christie reaches DGP office of Trichy and she gets an time to meet DGP.

Christie explains IG about the events and asks his help to contact State crime records bureau and national crime records bureau to get details about shan.

DGP assures to give her the details.

Mukhbir who helped Christie escapes from police custody and rushes to his native village.

The mole in police who helped Mukhbir escape contacts the criminal gang information collector and messages a code "famous for parotta in tamilnadu".

The information collector smiles as he sends the money assured to that mole in police.

The information collector named Amudhu buys some parottas and eats while his goons get ready to leave for Virudhunagar.

Kanagavel's mind is restless as his friend's face and voice haunts him in memories.

Kanagavel's sister kalaiarasi takes care of him and tries to keep his mind calm.

"Brother if you are always restless in mind and skip sleep,your health will not improve anna(meaning brother)."

Kanagavel smiling says "ok Thangai(Sister)".

Kanagavel gets a call from Mukhbir and Kanagavel attends it and Mukhbir breathing heavily says "sir it is not about illegal liquor transfer but it is about..." saying this Mukhbir gives a loud scream and phone falls away from Mukhbir's hands and Kanagavel understands that criminals must be attacking him.

He informs Control room about the call and forwards them the number.

Control room traces the call by using its last location and they contact various service providers to help police in tracing number.

To be continued as Police Chapter 3.

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