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kajol mahato



kajol mahato


PG Room (part 1) -kajol

PG Room (part 1) -kajol

3 mins 197 3 mins 197

I was sitting alone in my pg room trying to concentrate on learning the formulas that had been taught the same morning. 

The clock ticked 8:00pm and my phone roared out in that silence. It was alarm to get the tiffin from down and refill water bottle. I grabbed my bottle and moved out of the room banging the door. 

Though I was wearing sweater and muffler still the dry- chilly breeze made me shiver. I quickly filled my bottle. When I turned and started walking towards the stairs I heard someone whispering. The words were not clear. I thought the girl in the lower room was studying and neglected. On the way to my room, in the corridor I saw some strange shadow near the last room and suddenly it started moving. I was terrified and screamed aloud. All the girls came out.

"What happened? Why you screamed so loud?", they questioned together.

"Look there! near the last vacant room", I mumbled out these words.

Every one of us looked towards that shadow. We came closer and decided to call the landlady who stayed below. One of them dialed to her and she came up with her husband. We walked towards the shadow and it turned out to be a tree's shadow as the window was left open. It was such a relief. Everyone laughed, went to their room and so do I. 

It was spooky night, dark clouds covering the sky. And I felt that I was not alone in my room. I had this feeling few times earlier. I thought maybe it was first time staying alone so I was overthinking and little scared.  

I conference called my cousins and talked to them while having dinner. 

"What you got today?", one of them asked.

"Chapati, veg rice, dal tadka, paneer and salad", I replied.

We gossiped about our common anti-relative thing and a little about new released youtube content. I hanged up as I had to study further. I felt quite tired and wanted to sleep. But then those formulas were important so I sat down to study. 

Few hours passed and it was 12 midnight. I closed my books and dragged myself to bed. Turning off the lights, I closed my eyes.

I saw a girl hanging from the ceiling fan and then suddenly a man holding knife sitting on my chair. All these views of almost every haunted series I ever watched flooded my mind. I took a deep breath and tried to sleep. The next I heard sound of a squeaky crying child from under my bed. My body turned cold and I freaked out. I got scared a lot and didn't have the courage to even open my eyes. Somehow I managed to turn on the light and reciting Hanuman chalisa I opened my eyes. 

Everything seemed normal. It was all quiet in the room. Just the bathroom door open, which I closed before sleeping or maybe not. I pulled the blanket and covered myself from toe to head. The next thing I remember was waking up in the morning. I don't know when I fell asleep but thank God I felt asleep.

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