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Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Drama


Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Drama

No time for a heartbreak

No time for a heartbreak

2 mins 219 2 mins 219

Come on Richa! At least get the tan treatment. I have booked a special appointment for both of us. Manasa grabbed Richa's hand and both of them went inside a luxurious beauty salon.

First, do the tan treatment for both of us and then we will think about hair Manasa sat on the large chair and relaxed. 

Richa said she do not want anything and sat on the other empty chair and thrown her face into the magazine.

Chandini a beautician started cleaning Manasa's face.

Come on Manasa. You are going through the grieving process. It is like that. Get the treatment done. Let's go to a picture and then we will find a rebound in my engagement ceremony. Manasa keeps on talking about the breakup, post-breakup grieving, and rebound.

Richa and Manasa are friends in college. Richa's eyes became moist by thinking about Manav.

Two years back Richa met Manav in the book club and they both started dating each other.

She almost started dreaming about wedding lehenga design. But, Manav is not ready to get married. He started avoiding Richa.

One week back he blocked her on WhatsApp and sent a breakup text before blocking.

Richa is not sleeping properly and cursing life every minute.

See, Richa. Everyone has to go through the grieving process and it takes time. Hai na? Chandini .. she exclaimed at Chandini.

Chandini is mixing some cream in the bowl and answered that Madam, सबके पास ऐसा वक्त और मोका नहीं होते and she started applying the cream to Manasa's face. 

I am Not getting you! Manasa asked her again.

Madam, Sab log aisa grieving process ko afford Nahi Kar sakte, कभी भी दिल टूटता है, हम तो आगे चलना है, कभी तो अच्छा होगा.

.. changing has given her answer and went to wash her hands.

Manasa became silent with Chandini's answer.

Richa is now thinking about pain in Chandini's eyes while saying it and smile on her lips at the same time.

She felt Chandini's opinion is right in some cases. Not all people can afford the grieving process for a heartbreak. They have something more to do rather than holding a pillow tightly and binge-watching something. Maybe they are busy running to become breadwinners.

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