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“No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving And It Is The Fact, I Eexperienced It"

“No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving And It Is The Fact, I Eexperienced It"

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Earlier I always thought that to receive is far better than to give but something happened in my life whereby my opinion has been fully changed.

I had my 12th birthday and just like other children I also had some plans (like a theme) which were associated with costume parties, games, gifts, decorations, foods, etc. Then my mother said-

“Qaiser there is one more thing you can do to make your day special and memorable”. I got really very happy and looked up at my mother with a curious smile. I thought she arranged a picnic for us but no, she said- “How about this year along with your birthday bash if we give some gifts to the children in need”?

And.... the idea seemed pretty good to my Dad. I was about to say something then only he said-

“Qaiser just think about the bright smiles that you will recreate over faces and the blessings that you will receive”.

After listening to my Dad’s so deep words, I was speechless, I had nothing to say. I only said to my parents that I hope we will return soon so that I can enjoy the rest of my day and my mother assured me that we will be back shortly.

So, finally, in the morning after my surprise breakfast party with my friends, I and my family set out on our trip just as planned. As we entered the district that was occupied by very poor people,

I gazed in amazement at the mass of school-aged children who were engaged in child labor, some were working in Tea stalls, some were busy in repair shops (in scorching weather) and some were simply wandering around the streets in tattered clothes. I saw everything with the strange, it was indeed the unpleasant sight that had come to me and I still couldn’t dismiss that.

By the way, child labor is proscribed by law but the sad truth is it still keeps prevailing in some parts of the earth. Anyway, when we reached there my father did not find any space where he could park his car. So, at some distance from the alley, he compensated a man for the privilege of parking our vehicle on the pavement in front of his grocery store.

I was very nervous and uncomfortable about dark alleyway and crumpled buildings, so I held my mother’s hand tightly as we walked down the street. The minute we stepped into the narrow passage, we were encircled by a good many youngsters whose eyes were sparkled with amusement and cute dimples appeared on their cheeks when they caught the sight of toys clothes, and snacks. And, those radiant smiles reminded me of my daddy’s valuable deep words... “Qaiser, just think about the bright smiles that you recreate over faces”.

Now I cannot make them wait anymore for their gifts, whatever came for them they should get quickly. So, I asked my mother to help me out with the distribution of presents. You know, I closely observed something while giving them those little things, everyone was smiling beautifully and made cheery remarks in their joyous voices, and that day I realized, the deep act of giving is more pleasurable and beautiful than just receiving something free of charge.

Well, everything was going pretty well when all of sudden I saw a young girl, named Mira standing in the doorway. I was a little surprised and thought to myself that why she didn’t come with other children to collect the gift?

Being curious to know what could be the reason behind that I approached her with a packet of toys and snacks, as I extended my hand to give her the bundle, I detected a sorrowful look into her grey eyes, I did not understand and my natural curiosity led me to ask her the reason behind her sadness.

I told her, if she doesn’t like the present then we can change it also.

And... you know, she simply smiled and said, “It is beautiful but I love books more than anything”.

And, I really appreciated Mira, about her good selection. Then, I suddenly noticed a bit smug smile grew on her lips, it seems something flashed into her mind.

She said, “You will be glad to hear that I scored 95% in class seven”.

“OMG”, it was clear from her excellent grades that she is a super achiever. Since we were in the same grades so I joked with her, I said, “Ok, you see I will break your record, let me keep my fingers crossed”.

Then, she nervously replied, “Yes you can... because to breaking my own I need to go to school”. Hearing this, my eyes popped in surprise, it was not clear to me what she meant by this?

My curiosity aroused again by her statement and I was about to ask when my mother called me, at that time I had to go so I smiled and said my farewells, and she also courteously bade me a good day. But... I failed to dissociate myself from what she stated. 

After the joyful celebration of my birthday, finally the next day at the breakfast table I talked to my parents regarding the matter and you know they understood what I did not......

Well, they did not explain anything but asked me... What grade is she in? I told them, she is also in the seventh grade. Then, after our morning meal, once again we went to the same district. On reaching her home we saw that girl enthusiastically reading some book, it was difficult to read the title because the cover was pretty old and had some ink stains on it but, the moment was very inspirational and influential that made a deep impression on my parents’ mind. Then my mother reached her and asked, “Is this your favorite pastime”? 

She replied, “My favorite pastime is learning new things”.

 Here, I subscribe to the theory that “obstacles aren’t insurmountable when passion is the driving force”.

Later when my parents talked to Mira’s mother about her further education, she told them that Mira’s father loaned some money from his friend to buy an autorickshaw but failed to pay it off within a year as promised. Therefore, he took our rickshaw and kept with himself until we repay his amount and that was the only source of our bread and butter. For this reason, our child’s education was also got interrupted. The lady got emotional when praising her daughter’s useful skill.                                                                                  She said,” Mira is very sincere and a wise girl, she is well aware of the difficulties we are facing; were around this age, the other children’s attention is fixed upon playing, Mira sits with me and prepares household budget she knows her father is the sole breadwinner so we have a limited amount of money to spend each month.

Well, after this little conversation my daddy offered her a cheque of a certain amount that helps her to pay for Mira’s further schooling and other essential things. The lady was overwhelmed with appreciation and silently thanked my daddy for all his generosity.

Mira was watching everything, bubbling with happiness she came to my father and said cheerfully, “I also want to become like you”.

I felt a small victory that day and my crown of success is the deep act of giving that added happiness and sparkle to someone’s life.

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