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No Complaint Day

No Complaint Day

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No Complaint Day..

Only Appreciation Day...

Stress Free Day....

It's always a pleasure to celebrate a lot of days. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's Day, Chocolate Day, Friendship Day, And Sometimes Women's Day. There is no need to celebrate such a day in India with almost every day of the year. We do not need to celebrate such a day in India because not only on that day but throughout the year, we will honour these people.

What is the need for you, you need to live like 'Stress Free Day', No Worse Day, Appreciation Day, and No Complaint Day..There is no happiness in life, it is continuously compliant, worry, Stress.Today, sugar was low in the tea, Bhaji salt was high, there was no wind, he did not ask me, did not invite me, drink cold water, not good clothes, party food was not good, and many more.....

Only deficiency and Complaints..

Do you want to be happy when you are happy? What is it that you do not need to be irritated as sugar is lost in the tea on some day, do not deliberately do it, do you? How much you complain about it, how many compliments you make during the day. And let's decide, at least one day. No Complaint Day. Please celebrate. However, once No Complaints day before a month and once a week and every day after practice this view of life .. will be happy..

At least on Sunday start with No Complaint Day..See the world with different perspectives, and Friends you will find happiness, fun is adding in your routine life..

Do it yaar..Only you can change your worry day, complaint day in the Appreciation Days..

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