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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Hakshitha Ram

Tragedy Children


Hakshitha Ram

Tragedy Children



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Once there lived a girl named Kiara. She had a lot of imagination and would always try to be different from everyone. She always gets appreciation from everyone because of her artworks and stories that she creates herself. Her parents were so proud of her and bought her whatever she asked for because they knew that they were for something important. One day she went up to her parents and asked... 

"Daddy, can you buy me a car please? "

Her dad was shocked! 

"Dear, why do you need a car, it's so expensive."

"Please daddy?! I really need it right now."

Her dad had saved some money, so he bought her a car! 

"Oh my god! Thank you so much, daddy! " said Kiara.

She sat beside the car and stared at it for a few minutes... 

"Hmm... I need the tools."

She grabbed her father's toolbox and started working on the car. She never let her parents see what she was doing. A week later, she called her parents outside... 

"Daddy, mommy, look what I just made!"

They went outside and saw the car and was surprised! 

"W... Wow, you made this honey?"

"Yes, mom! I saw that the ambulance was struggling to take patients to the hospital as people don't let them go, so I made a flying car which can take patients rapidly to the hospital! It can fly! "

Her parents were so proud of her, the car was then sold for $50,000! 

People were so surprised to see a 10-year-old girl make these things! 

It was time to go to bed. Kiara was thinking about what to make next. Her mother called out to her... 

"Kiara, it's time to go to bed, honey."

Kiara was not sleepy at all, she called her mommy and asked...

"Mommy, can we make our dreams come true? "

"Yes of course honey, if you have a dream to become a doctor, you can always make that dream come true! "

"No mommy I didn't mea-"

She stopped Kiara and asked her to go to bed. Kiara ran to her room and got on her bed... 

"Hmm... Mommy doesn't understand what I'm talking about... "

The next morning, Kiara ran to her mom and said... 

"Mommy, I had a dream last night... "

"Oh, what dream honey? "

"That daddy was in a car accident and he was in a hospital"

"WHAT? Don't say that honey, nothing will happen to daddy, ok? Now go brush your teeth, it's time to have breakfast. "

The mom was so confused about Kiara's dream, she couldn't stop thinking about it. But then she calmed herself down and thought to herself that it was just a dream, and nothing bad would happen... Dad said bye to Kiara and her Mom and left. Hours later, mom got a call from Kiara's dad. She took the phone with her hands shivering in fear... 

"H... Hello? "

"Hi, mam. This is Mr. John's friend, he just got in a car accident. We admitted him in a hospital, we found your number marked as " Wife." So I thought it would be a good idea to call you."

The mom put the phone down and was shocked for a few minutes... 

"H... How could this happen? "

Kiara came running towards her mom and asked her what happened. Her mom told what happened and Kiara was surprised too! 

They both visited him in the hospital and stayed with him for a few days. It was night time again and they were still at the hospital. Kiara was fast asleep as she was so tired. In a few hours, Kiara woke up with a loud scream. 

"Ahhhhhhhh!! Mom hellpp!! "

Her mom ran to her and calmed her down. She then asked her what happened... 

"Honey, are you ok? "

"Mom, I had a terrible dream... "

"What is it, honey? Just tell me."

"I had a dream that the hospital burst at 3 AM."

*Gasp* "Honey, what do you mean...? "

"The hospital had a bomb and it bursts."

The mom was terrified! She told Kiara to get out of the hospital and mom packed her bags. It was 2:55 AM. Mom searched for the doctors but she couldn't find anyone! Then she heard three beep sounds...


The hospital burst with Kiara parents in it. Kiara couldn't stop crying. She saw her parents burn. Kiara ran on the road crying. She decided never to sleep again, as her own parents died because of her. The dream continued, Kiara got dreams and it would definitely happen in real life. It was her 18th birthday, Kiara and her friends celebrated her birthday... 

"Thank you so much for this party guys, I love you."

Kiara got a new best friend whose name is Linda. Linda and Kiara studied in the same school. When Kiara told Linda what happened to her parents, Linda felt so bad for her and in a few days they became besties! 

One day, Linda called Kiara for a sleepover at her house. Kiara packed her bags and went there and they had fun all night, it was time to sleep, Kiara was so scared what dream she is going to have tonight... 

"Linda, please hold my hands, I am so scared... "

"Aww Kiara, sure, if you want anything you can wake me up okay? "

"Okay! "

They went to sleep... 

It was about 12 AM. Kiara's dream began... 

"Ah ah ahhhh help!!!!!!! "

Linda woke Kiara up and she woke up with a loud scream, sweating so much. 

"What dream did you have Kiara??? "

"I had a dream that your Dad and Mom go out tomorrow and they meet with a car accident! "

"Oh my god! Do you know what time? " Asked Linda

"Yes! At 10 AM! "

"My parents are going to my grandma's house at 10 AM! I have a great idea, Kiara! What if your dream stops after you stop a dream from happening in real life? "

"What do you mean Linda? "

"I'll tell my parents not to go out tomorrow, we can stop the accident from happening! Maybe your dreams would stop then... "

"You're actually right, Linda! "

The next day, Linda told her parents not to go out and they said ok. 10 AM passed, Linda and Kiara jumped in joy! 

"Thank you so much, Kiara! You stopped my parents from getting in the car accident."

"I'm the one who is supposed to thank you, Linda! You gave me the idea to stop it! "

The next night, Kiara went to sleep and slept peacefully without any nightmares! 


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