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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Nature Is Supreme

Nature Is Supreme

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 Hydrogen is a gas , Oxygen is a gas then why is their combination H2O a liquid ?
This question and a many more questions related from our day to day lives was the subject for Professor Wilson to work in his laboratory . Professor was a great scientist and have full faith in himself and was very much inspired by Einstein's works. For him Einstein was his idol. He was working on Einstein's theory of relativity from the past 8 years. While everyone assumed that this man had gone mad including his lab assistant but his wife was always standing along with him. He was thrown out of the university because of his madness toward this theory from the past 8 years, but he had full belief that by walking on the path showed by his idol he will be surly successful some day. Professor was so busy in his experiments that sometimes he didn't even bother to eat anything for days. He had made his laboratory his home while his wife used to be alone at home with their pet Labrador dog named Jack.
Due to this behaviour of professor his wife faced many problems and many people used to come to her to explain her how her husband is wasting  his talent but she never loosed hope and said "i have full faith on my husband." Days turned to weeks , weeks into months and a day came when there was nothing to eat in their home. At that point  professor's wife lost all her strength and lastly she came to a conclusion that she can't anymore deal with his husbands negligence. She goes to her  husband's laboratory which was filled with equipments laying everywhere in unorganised way, when she reached there she stood besides her husband's chair and silently weeps  and asked him in a very distraught voice "Can't you see what's happening it's been 9 years.. that you have been working on this  experiment, do you even remember how happily we used to live, but today look at us , our home.... We are broken we have no money we rang out of errands.. We... we.. we don't have anything to eat in our home.. what we going to do now .. what ?"
Wilson controlled himself and said in a calm and  explaining way
"Bad days are part of our lives when we can enjoy our good days without thanking anyone, we have no right to blame others for bad days. And I know everything you don't worry soon will be our time, you go and pluck some vegetables from our garden and have faith in God and me. "While working on Einstein's theory of relativity Wilson discovered some new and really surprising results about which no one have thought before.
Wilson was really happy by his work but the problem was he could not tell anyone about his achievements because he knew that no ones gonna believe him and they will take him as a mad person talking rubbish.
Keeping all these things in mind he decided that he will prove the world wrong by giving them evidence of his success.
He told about his work to his wife and asked for her permission to try doing his experiment on Jack and later if this experiment gives positive results than we can try this experiment out on humans also. Professor's wife gave her husband permission to carry on experiment on Jack.
As Wilson tested the experiment on Jack , the results were very strange. Jack started behaving strangely, now he stopped barking not even a single sound could be heard from his mouth and neither he ate anything. This went on for one complete week and then one day in the morning Wilson found Jack lying on the shiny floor of the laboratory.
Jack was no more. Stoya (Wilson's wife) when got to know about this was very disappointed by his husband and blamed her husband for the death of Jack. Wilson was really shaken by this incident and he felt that he has lost everything because the experiment on which he was working for the past 10 yrs had been proved wrong. Now he decided that he will no longer work on this experiment and again join the University and work like Stoya and everyone else. Now everyone was happy with Professor except he himself. He went everyday to the University and then came back home. But he was only physically present, his mind was wandering around all the time while he was teaching students, eating food, walking back to his home from the University. Now the time came when Wilson was not even able  to sleep in night, he just kept on thinking about the experiment and the reason of his failure. Stoya also started worrying looking to this condition of Wilson.
One day while he was having a snap after a whole day thinking..... and thinking...... He concluded that a dog don't have brain like humans and this was the reason why Jack was unable to handle the power of experiment and died.He went and told everything to Stoya. He in a scared voice asked Stoya that
"Can we have a baby ?"
Stoya understood everything and shouted
"What kind of a man you are ? I will never allow you to do this"

Listening to this Wilson quietly came out of the room and decided to convince her when she will be in a good mood.
After some days he again went to Stoyaķ and said
"It will not only be your child it will be my child too. For the last time listen to me. please......."
Stoya thought for a whole day and then agreed to make a baby and give it to his husband for experimenting. But she warned Wilson and said
"If anything happens to my child I will never forgive you and leave you forever"
Wilson agreed to gamble with his life but he knew that if this time he lost he will lose everything.
Stoya gets pregnant and after nine months she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him "Einstein". Wilson said that a human baby is the best learner because when it is born it is not knowing anything and neither can perform activities like reading, writing, talking, walking running and above all it can think and adapt to the environment using its brain.
Keeping all these things in mind he started doing the experiment on Einstein.
And thank God he was unable to see any strange change in the behaviour of Einstein. Instead he was a very quick learner and learned things very quickly in a surprising way. Seeing this ability of Einstein his teachers were really impressed by him and he was rewarded by many awards and cash prizes from school.
Slowly slowly he became the most popular student of the school as he can shock anyone by his skills.
Even his principle blessed him when he got to know a sixth class student have solved a problem of tenth class. One day while Einstein was returning home from his school some dogs started barking at him and he was really scared and started running and group of those four dogs chasing him. He was running madly with full of his potential and while running he can clearly hear dogs barking and running behind her. Then suddenly all the sounds stopped and there was silence all around, he felt very strange because the air which was hitting her face while he was running also stopped then he turned back and what he saw was really shocking for her. All the dogs were in the position of running but they were not moving, even their mouths were open and two of them were above the ground in the air as if they are frozen, after seeing all this he was unable to believe his eyes and ran away to his home. As he reached near his home wind started blowing, birds started chirping and everything became normal. He was very afraid of what happened that day. He thought that it was magic done by someone and he didn't told anyone about it. Days passed nothing strange happened now.
Then suddenly one day when he went to the beach for picnic with his friends around 6pm when there were not much people and Einstein was also planning to return he heard the voice of a lady screaming badly and crying as if she is in danger and need help. Einstein inculcated good manners and helping nature from his dad. That's why on hearing that sound he went into woods following the sound  despite of his friends stopping him. He reached the place from where the sound was coming and saw a lady is resisting and three guys are forcing her and trying to rape her.
Einstein wanted to help the lady but was unable to understand how. And then suddenly similar thing happened like that day and everything stopped including those guys and the lady.Einstein went near quickly and untied the lady. While he was untying her he noticed fear on her cute face and her eyes were glittering because of tears, she got blonde hair. He took away knifes from the hands of those guys and tied them to a tree with the same rope. And stood hiding behind a tree and then everything became normal and the lady found herself to be untied and started running like a bird flying freely when cage is left open.
She don't even noticed how it all happened she just ran and she was able hear those guys screaming and shouting. Lady went to the nearest police booth and told them everything and asked for help.
She returned with the officer and those guys were still there, then they were arrested and sent to jail and the lady was taken away to be dropped to her home. Einstein watched all this happen and was really happy and satisfied. Now he realised that this miracle is because of him only. He went back home and told everything to his mom and dad.
Then his dad told everything about how this all is happening and why he possess that power.Professor said to Einstein: "The power that you possess today is that result of my hard work and struggle for years.
Never trust anyone and tell anything about your power because this world is full of selfish people. Never forget we all have to die someday, no living thing is immortal. Make good use of your power and help everyone. "Einstein have never heard his dad talking to him this way, he understood that "with great power comes great responsibilities." That day he decided that he will prove to be an ideal son and will make proper use of his power.
Now its been a whole to that incident but don't know why Einstein was unable to forget that beautiful face.
That face was with him in his mind always after that incident took place.He dreamt about her day and night and just wanted to meet her again.
Einstein's school got over and he now took admission in a reputed college for higher education.
His college organised an inter college quiz competition and as he was a bright child he was forced to took part in the competition for which he later felt very lucky.
Many colleges took part in that competition. All the participating students assembled in the auditorium.
Among the girls of St. Thomas College was the girl for whom Einstein was searching for.
As he saw her he was mesmerised and he was unable to see anything else.
She was looking really amazing as if her beauty is increasing day by day.
Einstein forgot that he is in a competition and just kept on looking to her with eyes wide open and not even blinking for a second. Just like a very hungry kid who have not eaten anything for days and suddenly gets something to eat very tasty.
She noticed Einstein watching her and ignored her but when she felt that he is continuously watching her she felt very shy.
Einstein's college lost the competition and St. Thomas College won and Einstein saw a very big smile on her face and she gave an elegant look to Einstein.
All the College teachers and students blamed Einstein for losing the competition but he hardly bothered because according to Einstein her smile was worth it.Einstein rushed towards his home and lied on the bed and started memorising her name but after all his efforts also he was unable to then he got reminded that he had written her name on a notebook when Maam was announcing the names of the participants of the winning team. He quickly turned towards his college bag and took out that notebook and opened its last page where he had written in running handwriting 'Edah Johnson St. Thomas College.'
He took another page out and wrote everything that was happening to him and how he feels on seeing her, he also wrote about what all things can he do just to put a smile on her face. Einstein also mentioned her personal number in case she wish to hold his hand of friendship.
The next day he went outside the gate of St. Thomas College with that paper and a chocolate and waited her to come sitting in the coffee shop outside the gate. He was paying full attention on the college gate, college hours got over and students started coming out. Einstein had been waiting to see her for the last two hours. Then suddenly she saw her coming out of the college with her friends. Einstein's heart started beating fast and he started getting hopeless. She passed by the coffee shop.... Einstein was saying to himself to go and hand over the paper and chocolate but he don't had that much confidence. He wished everything to stop as it as, and everything stopped. Einstein walked near her touched her soft hands to put the chocolate and the paper in her hand. Einstein did his work and returned back to the coffee shop and kept an eye on her. Time again started tickling and everything became back to normal.Edah was surprised having this gift from don't know who and where. She shared this with her friends but they took this as a prank done by her with them. She read the letter and kept the letter with the chocolate inside her bag with a expressionless face which made Einstein worried. Einstein was upset he thought his proposal of friendship will be rejected because of his own mistake.
But still he waited for whole day till midnight for any call or message and even slept with phone in his hand. But nothing happened.
The next day he woke up and went to the college, by now he had not received anything from Edah and he has taken it as a big no.
Einstein returned from college and went to sleep as he was very tired that day.
He woke up with the sound of his phone ringing inside his pocket. He took out the phone it was an unknown number.
Einstein picked up the phone and said "Hello" he waited for sometime and then again said "Hello, who is it ? " this time a reply came in a soft voice "Hey, Edah this side."
As soon as Einstein heard this he was on top of the seventh heaven, current of happiness was flowing in his whole body. She thanked him for the chocolate and told how much that letter and the feelings related to that letter matter to her. She remembered his face from the incident that took place during the quiz competition that day, but she was unable to remember when did he gave her that chocolate and letter.
Controlling the situation Einstein lied to her that when u were busy talking I kept them in your bag.
This is how Edah accepted the friendship proposal of Einstein. Einstein and Edah became very good friends and their bonding strengthened day to day. They used to go on outings together and spent most of the time together.
They both liked each other very much.
A time came when there were no secret remaining hidden between them.
Wilson and Stoya also knew about Einstein and Edah.
Everything was going perfectly fine when one day,    Indian Ocean punished everyone.
Tsunami came and it destroyed the life of millions of people. It took away everything, and destroyed everything coming in its way.
Einstein was watching all this happen, he was helping as many people as he could but still felt that many more needed help.
He could hear the voices of children, men, women, animals crying and screaming but he could do nothing just watch. He was feeling like someone has tied down his hands.
He went to his father and started crying and expressed how helpless he is feeling now.
Professor said " Don't cry son this is not your fault this is God's will and no one can go against it. No super power can help humans until they help themselves. The only thing that can save us today is UNITY which can never happen. What we all can do is do our part and leave the rest on God."
Einstein understood what his father wanted to convey and started spreading this message of togetherness and explaining people that the biggest power is being "TOGETHER."
He opened an NGO with Edah and started running relief camps and helping people like he always does sometimes with running time and sometimes with the time stopped.  

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