Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Rajkumar Raikwar



Rajkumar Raikwar


Mysterious Soul

Mysterious Soul

28 mins

Panic has spread over this tiny Himachali town. Since then, a body has been found every single day. At first inspection, it seems to be a traffic accident, but the condition of his severed cranium and other evidence point to a planned murder. The detective protagonist of the narrative, his police inspector friends, and other individuals who didn't go to the woodland don't believe the claims of those who were there that night and said they had personally seen the ghost moving through the city. What ultimately is the truth? Can this researcher find out more? Read "Soul a Mystery" to find out more.

The Mysterious Shadow in Chapter 1

Late at night has arrived. The skyline was entirely black. You couldn't see your hand in the pitch-blackness until the open jeep's beam pierced it. Where the jeep light landed, you merely glimpsed the same thing briefly before going back into the same blackness.

A woman, about 40 years old, with short hair and attractive clothing was behind the wheel of the Jeep. She had red eyes, but they were caused by alcohol poisoning, not from working too hard. Considering how drunk she was, this woman drove the car with amazing restraint. The vehicle was moving at 80/100 mph. Then, suddenly, a shadow appeared in the light. Are there any characteristics of a ghost or a spirit, such as red eyes, loose hair, and white pupils? the awful spirit of the girl! This "soul" was only visible for a brief moment, yet those few seconds were enough to sway the driver. to throw off the jeep's equilibrium.

The driver immediately applied the brakes and turned his Jeep onto a service lane, off the main highway. Still fighting, she moved the car approximately 6 meters before suddenly regaining control and dipping her head back. She felt as though there was no connection between her head and the trunk and worried how that body would operate the car with its head removed. This Jeep ploughed into a tree from a distance. Has a terrible accident occurred? or murder? Does nobody know? That shadow was no longer visible from a distance. Was it undiscovered?

The time was eight in the morning. They were in the same woods where an unfortunate woman had passed away late one night. There are cops everywhere. The cops guarded the accident scene. The coroners were asking questions. A police jeep then arrived and stopped. It was Kamala D'Souza, who had gone away when Ashish Pradhan, the police chief of Consoli City, remarked, "I found this bag in the car." His sentence was finished by Mrs. Peter D'Souza Jagat Ram.

"Oh!" Her natural response was to say that.

That jerk is going to get shot in the head by the entire police force, right? The boss muttered.

Yes, sir, I think he might not be fully informed about this woman. But because she had to drive after drinking, she struck the car. Pradhan addressed questions and gave answers, saying, "Do you think your spouse will agree, though? He and SP Saheb will have to bear evidence, and the whole world will be wrong."

That's all, sir. Jagath endorsed it.

So I suppose we should arrange for an autopsy on the deceased. The leader began to make his way back to his vehicle while still giving directions to the remaining members of the squad. He then turned his attention to the head that was fastened to the jeep's rear.

There are numerous issues caused by the woman's head drooping back. He was of the opinion that the woman's head had been cut when she hit the tree and was likely lying in the forest somewhere.

EF was in the jeep. He swiftly walked over to the reckless Jeep and started to examine it.

What opinion do you hold? The representative's attendance was questioned by the boss.

Consider this: "That was an accident, sir." Holding his license close to his head, Havildar Jagat Ram replied.

The vegetable market in Delhi, the nation's capital, is crowded and noisy with people. A car stopped in front of a shop in this market. They had no idea that an An An abandoned car across the street from this business had been watching this long-abandoned store.

He showed up. He described two individuals: a police officer holding a radio and a 25-year-old man with glasses hiding his eyes. This was mentioned by the driver of the car that had just stopped at the store. The small boy was watching, and his name is Vikram. This radio discussion line shook the market as a whole. No one had any information at first. Many people immediately stood up when they heard this message through the in-ear microphone. e smashed together in this store, creating a commotion among the customers. People with guns were standing outside. They immediately appeared to be police, and those attempting to defend themselves, however—but ineffectively. The police squad was prepared. The majority of people discovered had been detained following a fruitful police search.

Karim (the man who exited the vehicle and headed to the business) was in fact the head of a ring that traded in counterfeit money. The police were looking for him, and thus the cops contracted a private eye, Aditya, for the job. Before Karim arrived today, Aditya had worked here as a laborer for two months. He was caught in the act. Aditya's friend and traveling companion, Vikram, wore glasses.

The police chief smiled and said, "Okay Aditya, I don't know how long it would have taken to put on that Kareem if you hadn't assisted."

"In Kansoli, I am the first message," the boss said, looking quite happy.

"So what's up?" asked Aditya.

Nothing, man; I needed your assistance. Could you come and stay with me for a few days so I can relax?

Do you or only I know Vikram and Riya? Aditya laughs.

Come on brothers, all three of you, "I have to meet you and the other two." I need to talk to you about something because of an odd circumstance. Anyway, it's been a very long time since I last heard from you. The boss got angry and said, "I know.

Man, it's been a long time. We're getting there," Aditya said.

Chapter 2 - Accident? or murder?

A small town in Himachal Pradesh is called Kansoli. The city's population is around average considering that it is surrounded by mountains and forests. Most people can identify with themselves. They just haven't been to the woods, so it's easy to find them. because it is quite challenging to discover someone amid the miles of dispersed woodland. Some claim that the woodland is devoid of wild animals. The woods are secure! While the majority of people think that these forests are home to deadly wildlife, some people believe that these woodlands are the home of supernatural beings, including ghosts, spirits, and souls. "Use as "As many words as possible," said the chief. At Consoli, Aditya, Vikram, and Riya arrived. They were being driven to the police station by Pradhan. Driving the jeep was Pradhan himself. She was seated next to Aditya. Riya and Vikram were seated butts-up on the benches. " The government also built tourist cottages here because of the area's beautiful natural surroundings." There would also be amenities like retail centres and multiplex cinemas. However, tourists visit this area less frequently now, and those who do stay in private hotels due to some tourist incidents. As a result, the government's plan to construct a tourist attraction was stalled. They were receiving city information from the chief.

What sort of accident was it? Aditya interrupted the head while he was simply talking about this town and asked him a question.

"There were a few mishaps. Those were distinct cases that are now over. The chief spoke back.

Tell me whether it's true nevertheless. Aditya asked forcefully.

"Before publishing here, I have cases. Sub Inspector Diwan was in charge of this at the time. In a casual tone, Pradhan said.

"Tell me; I'm curious." You must look at the crime statistics in your city if you have travelled there. Aditya enquired as well, but not too seriously.

Such a lovely location. People chat about the surroundings here. You need details about the crime as well as information on the area's mountains, forests, etc. Prhan makes fun of Aditya.

"What should I do now?" My friend called, not to wander about here but to solve a crime. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the crime. " Aditya did not procrastinate easily either.

While I'm unsure of the circumstances, I may assume that a family moved in about the time these cottages were built. I was here for a few days before abruptly leaving. " Pradhan declared.

"Where has the entire family vanished to?" Aditya enquired.

"It says in the report that he had returned without a police report." This keeps taking place. Pradhan declared. "There was another comparable example," he continued. Two tourists were taken into the forest by the wild beast, who then slaughtered and devoured them. "Is this also written in the report?" his relatives inquired. What legal action would have been taken against the animal in the wild? Aditya asked.

"Yes." The chief's response was brief. cases that have long since been resolved. He is unwilling to discuss them. To settle a brand-new case, he called Aditya.

Consoli was a really lovely location. Mountains that stretch across miles, enormous forests, and ruins hidden in the woods. These ruins are thought to have belonged to the former Consoli city. All three of them—Aditya, Vikram, and Riya—had just arrived at the town's sole police station while taking in the picturesque surroundings. He was received with open arms, and for a very long time, there were conversations about his college days here and there.

Pradhan, Riya, Vikram, and Aditya are all close friends from college. After graduating from college, Pradhan began preparing for police recruitment because he had a propensity for the police. However, due to their propensity for espionage, the three of them decide to create a private detective service.

Then leave the city, the forest, and the visitors, and inform them about the case. Aditya complained and made playful comments.

The chief initially showed some trepidation before grinning once more. "Then listen," he continued. An individual by the name of Kamala D'Souza has lost blood. On closer inspection, it appears to be an accident, though. Pradhan then stated that it was either a murder or an accident. He told the three of them everything they needed to know about him. The forensic investigators also presented the public with their findings while simultaneously taking photos of the crime scene and gathering evidence.

I am, and that's all. After much deliberation, Aditya spoke.

But chief, I don't understand why you called us. Aditya spoke to Pradhan while grinning.

Malala D'Souza wasn't your typical woman. She came from the most powerful family in the community. Peter D'Souza, her husband, is a highly hurried individual. He never even speaks to me. direct speech with P. Sahib. Instead, argue that Peter D'Souza has made S. P. Saheb's life haram and mine since Kamala D'Souza's passing. I, therefore, believe that you two should solve this problem. No mess is what I desire. The chief revealed his necessity.

What is this? Killing or an accident? Even I'm perplexed! The tone was now absolutely solemn and sad.

It's homicide. Aditya had now also turned serious. Additionally, he was aware that the following query would soon follow, which is what actually occurred.

"Why? Then how? This query was made by Riya.

The killer is the only one who knows the reason why. Observe how the head and trunk in this picture are separate from one another. It is comparable to being suddenly slashed by a sharp object. The head and trunk of an automobile never separate in an accident. Even if it is separated, it would still be entirely different and not entirely flat in this sense. Due to the accident, the body is twisted forward, and the head is discovered on the rear of the jeep. At the same time that he was giving evidence to back up his assertions, such as pictures, reports, and other things that were lying on the table, Aditya started to reply.

meaning that someone cut the man's throat before the jeep struck the tree. Vikram also demonstrated his intelligence.

But why would the murderer do it if an accident might have easily caused it? He made a mistake that turned an accident into a murder. " Chief spoke up.

In reality, the murderer didn't want to show anything at all, even if it was a murder or an accident. His one and only aim were to cause Kamala D'Souza great suffering, which he did. There will be intense hostility! Then, this type of death was administered. But whether the police decide to close the case and treat this as an accident or if they decide to treat it as murder, is irrelevant to the murderer. The police are not feared by the murderer. Aditya finished his sentence.

The prophecy added, "Once he is caught, his soul will tremble in the name of the police." In his police robe, the chief talked.

"How is this murder even possible?" 80 to 100 miles per hour was the average speed of the automobile. After all, it's impossible to detach the neck in one hit. Riya sparked a fresh worry.

"The murderer will be in his own vehicle," the assassin said, "killing the chance after seeing it." Vikram elaborated. But the women's welfare committee of the party from which Kamla emerged They have stated that she emerged by herself. Pradhan indicated the statement documents.

Would you have offered a ride to someone en route? says Riya.

The research claims Kamala D'Souza's character "wasn't much that she should raise anyone up or aid her."

Aditya had been sitting still for some time, contemplating something, when Pradhan spoke, and turned to face him with inquisitive eyes.

We need more proof to prove this charge that it is murder. You must stroll to the crime scene. I will need to conduct another investigation. Aditya stood up after saying this. Others joined them in supporting him.

"Bring all of this evidence with you." Perhaps there is a necessity. Aditya immediately provided the head instructions.

Yes, bring along a few men as well. Give another order while you're moving and hit.

"Sir, no more orders," the chief said while feigning fury. Inside, he was relieved that Aditya had come to assist him.

So hurry up, everyone, and go find the murderer as well. Aditya came out and stated that the murderer was in the jungle hiding out, waiting just for him, based on his body language and manner of speaking.

Ch 3 - Clues to the murder

At the scene of the action, everyone was standing. His vehicle was parked close to the same tree that Kamala's vehicle had hit with. Aditya was almost encircled by the tree while everyone else was standing close to the car.

The fact that the tree is immobile is due to its strength. Aditya made a speech.

Jeep came from here and struck this area in this manner. Aditya was reenacting the whole thing. At this point, he was moving from head to toe as he followed the tracks of the jeep and eventually came across a road. The Jeep's tyres bore visible marks. coated in clay.

The marks are shaky here, where the mark is straight and about two feet long here, indicating that the jeep was out of control, strolling, and staying. Following the soil markings, Aditya arrived at the location and is currently standing where the jeep made a U-turn.

"All of you come here," Aditya yelled obnoxiously.

Nothing could be understood by anyone. Everyone exchanged glances before sprinting over to Aditya.

"Look around. The primary road is this one. Additionally, Kamala had to travel straight because this was a shortcut to the forest. Turning wasn't necessary. Anyhow, if he had to turn, he would have done so by approaching the jeep from behind from where the automobile is coming straight at us; we have already taken this path. Aditya said. Aditya, however, did not stop speaking and went on to say:

But it turns from here, and if it turns from here, the automobile will crash, go through this mud, or go into a forest. Aditya aimed downward.

There were tyre prints in the soil that is poured in between the two highways. the jeep of Kamala's tyres.

No driver ever maneuvers their car in a way that prevents something from suddenly appearing in front of it. Aditya clarified.

This indicates that he turned his Jeep abruptly; either he noticed something or it moved in front of him. To save him, you turned your car. Now that the chief began to comprehend the situation.

"That's exactly why the automobile lost control. These signs point there. It is evident from their presence that the vehicle was not controlled up until this point, but the fact that this mark is straight indicates that Kamala was in control of it just before it immediately lost control and struck the tree. All of the individuals pursuing Aditya had converged at the scene of Kamala's neck-slashing and subsequent fall.

"The neck had been cut here," Aditya spoke loudly while holding out both hands. He looked to the opposite side of the road as soon as his eyes landed on a tree. A tree was also present. In front of this tree, exactly. Aditya started hunting for something as he ran in the direction of the tree.

What distance did Kamala's neck have to the road? Aditya yelled once more.

Everyone's health deteriorated, notably that of the head and the soldiers that travelled with him. This inquiry was unexpected by him. How did you find that query?

"How tall was it?" Aditya this time turned to face Pradhan. He made a "what" sign while raising one of his hands while standing with his hands on his knees. Aditya had faith that Pradhan would comprehend the situation and know what to do. But the chief was unable to comprehend anything. Aditya finally had to say, "Get to know man, how high will a 6 foot woman's neck be from the road if she is sitting in the driver's seat of an open jeep?"

Give me a lace, please. Aditya resumed speaking after some while.

When it made sense this time. The leader instantly called and gave orders to his junior workers, while a soldier also acted. He gave Aditya a lace that he had taken from his car.

Aditya discovered what he was seeking for while still searching the tree. The tree here had a hole in it. Rather than being organic, the hole was created by a drill.

"Hand the torch off." Aditya yelled once more.

Vikram tossed a torch at Aditya right away. Aditya placed the torch on one side of the hole and glanced at the other. There was a hole there, too, and the torch's light was shining through it. The other side likewise had marks on the tree that appeared to be tied.

"I found the murderous method," Aditya murmured to himself.The tree on the opposite side of the road also had a hole and mark, so he hurried over and began to look at it in the same way.

Out of curiosity, the others had also gathered around Aditya. "The murder was done with a strong yet sharp iron wire, which was tied to these two trees," Aditya said as he recommenced speaking. by using a drill machine to create a hole in the tree. The wire was designed not to move up and down thanks to the holes. Added Aditya. After that, he took a height measurement from the ground to that hole. He put it on a piece of paper and presented it to the head, saying, "Your men will measure the height from the ground to the neck by placing a dummy of Kamala's height in the vehicle, then this height will come out." With perfect confidence, Aditya spoke.

"I'm sure the murderer put forth a lot of effort. Congratulations, Reiki's caterpillar. the chief declared.

"Absolutely. Will put forth lots of effort. The same jeep was checked first by having a dummy of a 6 foot woman placed on it to measure the distance from her neck to the road. The wire was then tied appropriately. Because Kamala's neck is the most sensitive part of her body, the wire landed directly on it, and the remainder of the procedure was completed quickly. It was a great strategy. Will have to accept the killer and simply offer them a torturous death from their labour." Aditya mostly provided all of the answers. and began to observe everyone. He thought that now there would be more inquiries.

This means that all that is left to do is to track out the murderer, the motive, and the wire. Chief spoke up.

These issues won't be resolved until the killer is apprehended, at this point. Aditya answered.

Aditya finishing the case in a single day made Pradhan delighted. However, even catching the murderer didn't solve the issue.

Did Kamala own a will or a stake in one? Aditya questioned Pradhan right now.

"D'Souza's attorney is present, and his PA was discussed. He just left and will come meet me when he gets here. Pradhan declared.

Hopefully the murderer is concealed in the will, I thought. After finishing his speech, Aditya began to walk, and everyone else followed suit, heading back towards their cars.

Ch 4 - Another Murder

A magnificent bungalow located in Consoli. Even though most of the homes in the area were nice, this bungalow was the biggest and most opulent. The "D'Souza House" is home of the town's most powerful man. The majority of Peter D'Souza's assets were inherited, but he never allowed his firm to deteriorate; instead, it grew and helped him pay for his second-place works.

A 70-year-old woman was seated in a room on the second floor of D'Souza House while a young woman was mopping the floor.

Has the water tub been opened? Speaking to her maid was the woman whose name was Mary.

The maid said, "I'll open it immediately," and ran to use the restroom as the owner started listing all of her maid's previous faults. Mary appeared irritated at the scene and did not view her servants and maids just as human beings. On the other hand, the maid turned on the hot and cold water faucets in the bathtub, opened them, and then left.

"Why are you still here? I won't have to wait for breakfast if your father makes it." Mary yelled at her servant.

I'll get there soon. The maid responded in shock.

"Get down there and prepare my breakfast. I'll be here to take a bath. These slaves don't accomplish a single task. The maid hurried downstairs when Mary sobbed once again. Mary began to go gently in the direction of the restroom while using her stick as assistance. A shadow entered the bathroom as Maryam was busy frightening her maidservant. the identical soul Kamala had seen on that occasion. That soul had a 2-liter bottle in one hand. Open the bottle's lid and combine all of the liquids inside with the tub's water.

When Mary opened the door, nothing was unusual—there was no bottle or shadow. Mary relaxed in the tub after taking off her clothing. She repeatedly bathed her face with the water, dipped her head in it so that it would also soak up some water, and then laid down with ease, her neck resting on the top of it.

Mary opened her eyes as soon as she knew someone was in the restroom and saw the same spirit standing in front of her. A frightening, tormented visage. This time the shadow did not vanish; instead, she stood there grinning while Mary strained in vain to scream and to stand up. Mary's eyes were torn with terror and amazement. Even more than that, she was unable to speak or even move. Mary's entire body appeared to be immobilised. The soul, on the other hand, pulled out a match, lit it, and dropped it into the tub.

mixed with "Fakk" in the tub's water, and the mixture ignited. Mary started to burn in the fire as it covered the entire tub, and she watched the scene while savouring the spectral shade.

The maid prepared the dinner and set the table while working downstairs on the opposite side. and turned to face the time. He then turned to face the stairs. He thought Mary ought to have come down by now. But she still hadn't arrived. She climbed a ladder thinking, "I'm going to call," but she stopped thinking, "If I go, the elderly lady will cry again," right away. She resumed her domestic duties after returning. He eventually noticed that the meal was becoming cold. However, Maryam still refused to descend, causing the maid's humanity to awaken. Do you realise the foot has slid, he inquired, adding, "I'll come after seeing." Or is there another justification for the ailing and old body's faith?

When the phone rang, she picked it up as she was ready to head upstairs. Peter owned the telephone. On the phone, the master and the servant had the same discussions. The maid left the phone behind and walked upstairs. scanned the space. No one was present. She headed for the restroom. opened the door, and then what?

When the phone rang, all four had just arrived, sat down, and a soldier had already left after serving tea. took the call of the head; the chief spoke little or nothing at all, but everyone could see that his face had changed colour. He immediately rose up while holding the phone.

"Another homicide occurred." Pradhan spoke in an unrelated manner.

"Whose? When and how? All three of them asked questions at once.

I'm Mary D'Souza. mother of Peter. He was the first to learn that one of our patrol cars was moving because it was his phone.

"Let's leave." Once Riya, Aditya, and Vikram stood up, they all quickly fled.

The patrol vehicle and Peter's vehicle were already parked inside the "D'Souza residence." They all entered.

"You arrived now?A powerful voice drew everyone in, not just the head.

Peter's voice could be heard, and he didn't sound pleased with the police job. The chief anticipated that Peter would challenge him, and the exact thing transpired.

I'm not sure who made you a police officer. It was amusing that anyone should even consider the D'Souza family while the Dewan was in command here. Peter said with rage.

I am a police officer because of my own abilities, not because someone else recommended me. In an amusing tone, the chief said.

"I can see how strong you are." Peter was now irritated as well. If there had been a Diwan, the murderer would already be in jail, Peter claimed.

Aditya stopped Pradhan by putting his hand on his shoulder just as he was about to say something. Peter was right to be angry because both his mother and wife had passed away. While Aditya and Pradhan went upstairs, Peter continued to talk. There were also Riya and Vikram present.

As the four of them entered the restroom, the fire department had just given the entire space a thorough cleaning. Both a corpse and water were missing from the tub.

The corpse was taken out of the water, too, along with the shroud. Evidence tampering is the practise of doing this.

Where is the tub's water, you ask? The chief yelled furiously. Peter was irate at this point.

In an amusing tone, the chief said"Yes. That was taken away. With anxiety, the soldier answered.

"Why?" Again, the chief inquired.

"The dead body ached! So!" Still uneasy was the soldier.

"According to Peter Sir. each of these. The second policeman explained the matter right away in order to avoid the chief's punishment.

Aditya gave Pradhan a puzzled and startled glance. The chief was indignant when he noticed how he was staring at himself. At Peter's request, the policemen unintentionally destroyed the evidence.

Are you employed by Peter or by the government? The chief became enraged. In any case, Peter had messed with the chief's head. He now began to vent his rage on his troops.

What can you do now? Leave what has transpired." While speaking, Vikram approached the Pradhan. She said quietly as she held her shoulder.

Will discuss it on the way to the train station.

Where is the tub's water thrown? Check it out yourself. Check the tub's piping as well; you should find some water there. to confirm. Riya and Vikram are instructed by Aditya. They both continued working. Everyone else was working hard as well. I first noticed the corpse, which was entirely burned. then examined the bathtub. Aditya was using his hands to peer into the bathtub. He would repeatedly place his hand next to his nose and take a sniff. Aditya did not even have an explanation for the odd fragrance that pervaded the entire bathroom at the moment; it was particularly overpowering inside the tub. The water drain valve then caught his attentionIn the gap between the valve and the tub, there was a lit match stick.

They spent a long time looking here and there and questioning people while collecting their statements. Different people questioned that maid in different ways. The readers only know what the maid informed them about what transpired. The maid did not see the soul, so she did not report it, and the person who did see it was dead. In addition, the dead don't confess. They all returned to the police station after completing all the requirements. The post-mortem report, forensic report, witness statements, etc., took two full days to obtain. Once they had completed all of their work, they once more began talking among themselves. However, no outcome was achieved. Aditya disregarded the tale of the soul. The fact that the murder was committed as part of a well-planned plot was instead established. Nevertheless, some police officers have been known to mute their tongues when asserting that this is unquestionably the work of a spirit. The D'Souza family was widely believed to be receiving justice for their actions throughout the city.

Ch 5 - Testament

Greetings, Mr Mehta. The head said this and reached out his hand to a man. The Pradhan was speaking to a man who was seated in the rotating chair across from the table. He was older than 50 and dressed in a black coat.

Advocate Mehta beckoned Mr Pradhan to come and take a seat.

"You take a seat, too," Mehta stated as he turned to face Aditya. Aditya and the lead attorney had travelled to meet Mehta. Both took seats.

What do you want? Attorney Mehta enquired after the formalities were completed. He didn't attempt to hear the response, though. picked up the tabletop phone and placed a three-tea order.

Just take your valuable time, nothing. The chief spoke back.

"I'll allow that; time has been granted to you for that reason," Attorney Mehta responded.

You want to meet with me, my PA told me. What did you need to inquire, please?" Attorney Mehta re-asked.

You must be aware that two D'Souza family members have passed away,.

"Blood not in death! Blood has been seen, not death by natural causes." Advocate Mehta stated after cutting the case of Pradhan.

How did you determine that blood had been spilt? Could there possibly be a mishap? stated the chief.

"An accident might happen given Kamala's current state. But what do you think of Mrs Maryam's situation? Advocate Mehta had adopted his attorneys' tone“.

What caused an elderly woman to perish in her own home, bathroom, and bathtub? I acknowledge that it is an accident if my foot slips or if I drown in the sea and die. Advocate Mehta continued.

Aditya and Pradhan realised that Advocate Mehta is a very intelligent lawyer who is not your typical attorney. Pradhan responded in an official manner:

There is an investigation ongoing in both situations. And the police are looking into everything. The issue will shortly be resolved.

You respond to your superior, Mr Pradhan. Attorney Mehta responded with a smile.

The tea is prepared, so go ahead. Attorney Mehta said that the desk boy had provided tea. He placed three glasses of tea in each of their faces. When all three of them began drinking tea, Pradhan turned to Mehta and said, "You were out. Do you still possess all the details?

"Yes, I did travel to Surat for a family programme. However, my PA gave me all the details. I took up the role of the D'Souza family's legal counsel. He should experience such a serious accident, but I have no idea how it may occur.

Do you even understand why we've come here, then? Chief enquired.

Yes, I'll give you a copy of the will. That will was given to the head by Mehta right away. Pradhan presented that will to Aditya after giving it a cursory glance. Aditya was sitting motionless. In any case, he wasn't legally allowed to ask Mehta for anything. He was simply keeping a close eye on Mehta. as if attempting to interpret Mehta's emotions. However, nothing unusual was discovered.

"You personally ought to reveal information regarding this will." Pradhan enquired of Mehta.

Are you even thinking that there might be others in the house beside the murderer? Mehta queried.

"I informed them that they are looking at everything," The chief gave a smart response as well.

It is technically conceivable; that anyone's will is strong enough to murder someone. But you are not allowed to raise this argument in court. stated Mehta.

You have disclosed the will freely, sir, so don't be concerned. Pradhan reassurance to Mehta.

Father of Peter drafted the will. And my father's employment as a lawyer ended with this. My father passed away six months into this. Also, my father's demise was natural, if you'll permit me to say so. A heart attack happened. being 70 years old. already experienced two attacks. Talking began with Mehta.

Also, Peter's father-in-passing, the law's I wonder. questioned the chief.

She seemed untrustworthy, indeed. nighttime in his room to sleep. skipped morning wake-up even. The breathing tube was reportedly obstructed, according to the physician. He suffered from a respiratory condition, however.

"So, is it possible that...?" Pradhan only wanted to clarify something that Mehta had said, " could totally be murder," in the middle of the conversation.

Is the D'Souza family seeing a pattern of mysterious deaths? The chief took a seat.

The will said that the legal owners of all the property were Peter's father-in-law, his oldest son George, and his youngest son Peter. The spouses of George and Peter received a portion of the property after they were married. Instead of three segments, there were actually five. He later gave his portion to his wife Maryam after his death after developing a respiratory ailment. If anybody dies, his share is split among all the other relatives in accordance with the will. Mary, Kamala, and Peter all have their portion, just as when George and his wife passed away, their son Sam received their share. Mehta stated.

After Maryam and Kamala left the room, " Pradhan purposefully left his phrase open-ended. He was confident that Mehta would comprehend what he was trying to express.

Sam and Peter will divide Mary's assets; however, Peter will receive Kamala's assets. Sam must not be here either. Aditya posed this question. For the first time, Aditya made a statement.

Everything is to be done in Peter's name. Mehta said precisely that.

What caused George and his wife's deaths? While reading the will, Aditya said.

"auto accident It was struck by a truck. Sam developed an addiction to smoking, booze, drugs, girls, etc. starting on that day. He started consuming various intoxicants. Peter and Kamala, his uncle and aunt, didn't deter him either. rather applauded his every action. Some claim that Peter purposefully turned Sam into a drug addict and nomad in order for him to seize control of the land.

"Ok." This was almost spoken simultaneously by Aditya and Pradhan. after which he bid Mehta farewell.

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