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Mysterious Grande's House

Mysterious Grande's House

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It was raining heavily in the evening. As I dashed off to an old small house, it did not matter to me where I was going. I reached there and as I opened the exit door of the building, it made a creaking sound. I entered inside then the door immediately shut. I looked behind to see if someone was there but no one was there. I began to wonder if there was any spirit or a ghost nearby in the building. I moved towards the exit door and tried to open it but it wasn't opening. At that moment, I was terrified and scared. I could hear the pitter-patter sound of rain. The hall was dark and damp. As soon as I walked further in, few wall lamps were switched on. Still, it didn't light the room. The hall was almost empty. There were shelves on one wall, a table in the middle of the hall and a cupboard on the wall. There were windows but they were also locked. I yelled, " Hello?" No one responded and my voice echoing throughout the hall. Then I heard another creepy sound. I looked toward the direction from where the sound came and saw a black cat with green spooky eyes getting away from me. I got shaken with fright. I was cold too as I was soaked in the rain earlier. I heard another door closing with a thud. I moved toward that door ( it was labeled as 'Caroline's Room), knocked it and asked, " Is anyone in there?" I didn't get any reply. I stopped hearing the sounds of rain. I looked over to the window. It has stopped raining.

Drops were flowing over my face from the head. I was sweating and was wet due to heavy rain. While I was wiping them with a handkerchief, I heard an unlocking sound of Caroline's Room's door. The door automatically opened. I felt a cool breeze coming from that door. I was feeling colder.

"Come here," Unknown, spooky voice was heard.

I couldn't make out what 'it' was saying because when it spoke cool breeze was felt again and I felt like I have lost hearing. "Come here," It repeated. I was moving towards the storage room door slowly. Very slowly.


I was hit by a strong invisible push and fell on wooden, dusty shelves. I got hurt so bad that a wooden shelf cut off my shirt's sleeve and there was a big cut on my left arm. It was bleeding and painful. Even my head started to hurt. On my face, there was a long scar across my cheek. It was bleeding too. I gained consciousness and got up. The shelves were broken. When I noticed that there was a photo frame one wall, I moved towards it. I couldn't make out whose photo was because at first my eyes were blurred, but then they returned to normal. In this photo, I saw a family of four. There was a handsome man, a beautiful lady and they had two girls. One of them was a teenager Caroline and the other was a small girl Bethany. They were a family of Grande. A chill ran down my spine after seeing them. I had read about them. They were murdered by someone who invaded their house (the house which I entered). So, they wanted revenge. They would haunt anyone who enters this house. They may even kill that person. I was terrified by that.

I began to blame myself for running into any house and for not bringing my umbrella. How silly of me! I knew that blaming myself wouldn't work out. I need to escape. No matter what happens or the consequences to be faced(except death).

Still scared, I made a move towards Caroline's Room's door. I was not hit again. As soon as I entered her room, the door immediately was shut. I quickly looked behind towards the door but there was no one. There were no wall lamps. In the dark, someone or it might be Caroline who is invisible as a spirit pulled me into one of the corners of her room and was lifting me up by my neck! She was trying to choke me.

I was trying hard to get released from her hand but couldn't do so. She was stronger than me and was trying to kill me. I was breathing heavily and horrible thoughts ran through my mind. I thought I was going to die but not anymore.

Luckily, someone released me from Caroline's hand. I fell down on the ground. I was coughing and was partially unconscious. That someone who saved my life did not let me rest for some time. He immediately helped me to stand up by my hand over his shoulder and hurriedly lead me out of Caroline's Room towards the exit door. I was feeling weak and was not fully conscious. But he was not stopping. I could run as quickly as possible.

When I sensed that we were out of this house, he helped me to sit on the bench across this house. He sat beside me. I felt so sleepy that I slept on his shoulder.

The sun was shining right into my eyes. I woke up, rubbing my eyes and found myself on a bed in my own room! My head started to pain. My left arm was still painful. When I looked over my arm, I found that it was bandaged properly. I realised that it was a dream. It felt so realistic because my arm was bleeding and it is bandaged, my head and the scar on my face were paining since my fall over the shelves. The scar was properly treated. It was such a memorable and unforgettable dream.

I learned my lesson that I will never run into someone's house or unknown shop. I will also never forget to carry an umbrella during the monsoon! It had cost me a lot!

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