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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

vani sree



vani sree


My Successful Journey

My Successful Journey

5 mins

I was an average student in my schooling and intermediate college. It was in the year 2010 after my Intermediate college. I was so eager to join my . I was on cloud 9 dreaming about my Engineering. But my EAMCET rank is equivalent to the cost of a pulsar bike. Then I realized that I will not be able to join the Engineering college. I was left with helpless with no clue what to do next. Being at home for a month made me literally weak. That is where I starting thinking, what can I do for a year, because I don’t have the option to join my degree college as well. Well said ,15 days passed again. Finally, I have decided to do job. But what kind of a job, should I prefer, questions have raised in my mind. Recollected myself in which area am strong. Remembered the days where am strong in mathematics subject. As I have been appreciated by my lectures in college days for scoring high marks in mathematics.

There was a saying “the influence of a good teacher can never be erased”. Here comes I have decided to go for teaching profession. With the help of my friend I came across the opening in one of the schools. The very next day I went to the school, I had some basic interview from the principal. Due to my qualification I was supposed to handle the class 6th. And the principal Ranga Reddy sir have asked me to join from next day.

I was so happy to go to the school for the first day, Let me tell you the school name “Bharat public English medium “in my home town. As I have entered the school, started my day having a prayer in the ground and moving to the respective classes. I have entered the 6th class, all the students started wishing me as “Good morning teacher”. I really felt very happy because I remembered the days where I was wishing to my college lecturers. Days are passing on…I became busy every day in teaching and studying the next topics to take up in the class. Not only that I have started taking up the tuition for the 10th class students, mathematics subject.

 This one year was a great learning to me. I being as an average student got a chance as a teacher, got a chance to teach for 10th class as well. I believe that everywhere we have ups and downs either in career or personal life. But I have enjoyed 1 year in teaching profession. As a student I lost one year of educational life. But I never gave up, Stood on myself and decided to prove myself.

Later I joined in degree college and I have taken Electronics as my major subject. My first year College days are very challenging to me. I have to prove myself in family, friends and relatives that am not an average student. I have studied day and night and my hard work never failed. Days passed on and the day has come to attempt my first board exams. With more confidence I have completed my exams successfully.

After a Month Results have got announced, with more tension, I was at the Internet shop, standing in the queue to get the printout of my results. Now the turn has come to me…With stumbling I told my hall ticket number is 172879295….He checked my results …..he gave the printout ,my hand was shivering to take the printout…..But still I have taken into my hands …I opened the printout….checking the marks and it shows as below:

Mathematics …. 98


Computer science….70

I was so happy and enjoying by seeing at my marks. To my surprise……I Received a call from the Principal Srinivasan and conveyed me that I was the topper in my department of Electronics. I couldn’t utter a word when I heard from the principal that I was a toper. He told me the congratulations and have cut the call. Later I reached home, everyone at home are waiting for my results and as soon as I entered, I shouted with a loud voice and told them that am the “Topper of the college for Electronics Department”. Dad, Mom sis, grandpa and grandma are so shocked by listening and they couldn’t believe this. As they don’t have the choice, they have to accept it as it was the true.

The very next day In Andhra Jyothi newspaper in our area they published about my college toppers and there I could See myself as one of the toppers. That was the happiest moment in my life which I could say. I tapped myself and told that Vani you never gave up. You did it. In the similar way I have completed my next 2 years of graduation and finally I became the topper of the department and stood 3rd place in entire college.

This was the turning point in my life…As I was not having any clue what to do next after my graduation. With the help of my seniors we just came to came to know about the Ignite program in TCS .We all registered for the program .Almost 90 of us have registered for the program, but only 20 of them are called for the interview .Happy to say that I was the one among them. One fine day we all went for the interview in the year 2014. We gave our best returned back to our home…

At this point I don’t have any option either I should be placed in TCS or else I should continue again as a teacher…Being confident and hoping for the best….I was waiting for the reply from TCS.

One fine evening I got a call from one my friend Seenu …Told that Vani I have received an offer letter from TCS, could you please check Your email as well….

Within a seconds even I checked my email…..there I could see…….

Dear Vanisree Gajula,

We are delighted to inform you that you have been successful in our selection process.

Here comes my first success in life….

I felt that..

Success is no accident…

It is hard work, Perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love what you’re doing…

I started my journey as average student….but today I am Infront you delivering my successful story to all of you…

Never give up my dear friends try and try until you succeed.

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