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My Journey

My Journey

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I have remembered very little about my past.

My self Anurag Maurya as you know me as मौर्य

It is a fact about me that if someone calls as मौर्य I am coming in my power.

I belong to a middle-class family and my family is always looking for a good boy. I think you are not believed that I started my study journey when I am 4or 5 years old. I study in a government school up to 4 classes in my own village.

Suddenly, in 2013 a proposal comes to me that your admission will be confirmed in a private school as my first come true that I have not expected yet.

I study in a private school from 2013 till now. I won many awards and also impressed my teacher and others. After 2017, I was in confusing that I do in life till now I haven't decided it is a big mistake made by me. Hope I will understand those things.

In 2020, a turning point comes which is very important for me in life. I have to decide what I do I have two choices these are:-

1. Private school

2. Government school

I think both are very important to me but I have to choose one option. In some situations, the government school prefers good but private schools also a better option.

I study a chapter in class 9th in which the poet has two choices but the poet chooses one option by saying that I will face the problem coming in the way but I never come back for the second option.

Also, I choose an option I am following that path I will solve all problems coming in the way.

My friends, I hope you understand the value of your choice all life problem depends on your choice. So choose one better option for life...

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