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My First Period Story.......

My First Period Story.......

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  ‘‘ I am Happy to bleed’’ Every 12 years old girl have a period. same as I was experiencing my first period in the seventh standard, I am only 12 years old. before it, I know just few information or things about periods but I am also scared and nervous at that time so then my mom told everything about that because I was in pain like stomach pain, foot pain, back pain and so many changes in hormones. firstly I was so shy about periods in my friends talk, but then I got more information from friends, books and elder sisters. I am so lucky because my mom gives sanitary pads for use from my first period till now.

After a few years, I am matured. then I was told the information to my younger sister on their first period come I was at home with Diwali holiday I guess this was Thursday afternoon. after telling my mom of the period then she takes most care of me like give massage to my foot wash my clothes, gives yummy food to eat me in the 3 to 4 days. she also gives instructions to me about some issues faced in the period she told me that doesn’t touch your body by boys & she also told me that take most care about periods in your school and remember your date of the month and carry a sanitary pad in your school bad for safety.

Now I am laughing because when my first period came I felt that I am only one girl face this like pain at that time. I was unknown about how to use pads so I face many problems. when I was gone to an outdoor and come period I did not feel comfortable outdoor. I felt shame to tell about periods to my dad but then my mom understands me. In my first period, my mom and I meet a family doctor about it and take some suggestions then I told it to my friends and sisters.

When I am on periods I was feeling uneasy in front of boys friends and brothers but after taking some more information then I am not firstly I was scared because I saw bloody clothes bad they are good for our bodies to clean all dirty blood flowing from the body make body clean. before three to four days. of date come more changes in our body like coming pimples on the face, paining body parts.

In India now some girl still uses dirty cloths in their periods and also so many peoples agree some nonsense things about period like in India don’t touch the girl who is in periods, she does not enter in holy places like Mandir and so on. and also give bad treatment to the girl who is in periods. I am not agree with this because I am not face this like because of this nonsense mentality India is still Developing. so I wis and hope so that in future the next generation will change this all and go to the develop.

I remember still when I was firstly bleed, in my school my some friends periods comes in school badly because they not feel shame in foot of teachers and others students one more thing happens in this time some my class girls bunk school because of periods, but some bad girls told lie to teachers that I am in period and go to the home and some girls sleep in school in that time.

As some as when I was in junior college, my classmates also behave like above and now I am in senior college. the college provides us sanitary pads by the machine of the pad. it's the most useful and helpful in college. I wish that all schools and junior colleges also provide this service to their students.

I wish to god every girl get their first period like me comfort and freedom to choice of things use in that time also get a mom like me and get good suggestions and guidelines about periods.

they also get understanding sisters and friends like me. 

I remember when I was in the first period my dadi told me same comedy things of her childhood about the period. and then I was feel so happy and forget my pain and easy to understand all things.

My Dadi says, ‘‘Period is reborn of all womans ’’ I am inspire from this statement and change my negative mind set to positive about the period. In my opinion, Every girl and woman think positively in periods of time and make days special and happy by making your favorite work like drawing, singing and listening, reading books and so on. Because those days are so paining so above these things forget the pain when I feel angry and sad in pain my mom says to me that without coming periods any woman not being pregnant and cannot feel and experience mothers' happiness. It is apart of womans life.

Due to the coming periods clean blood in our body its compare to men they are donating blood for blood cleaning also one thing period can make a healthy woman's body when womans period gone then her body face more problems like growth in fats of the body and many other problems.

Doctors give suggestions to all womans that you take more care and hygiene in periods that like clean cloths finely, put in dettol for few time change your pad within 12 hours because it affects your menstruation system and come problem for pregnancy in future.

I have experience of one a time 7 to 8 days before my date exam was take tension about study then one day my period came before more days of the date and flow of blood was double compare from normal Then I was gone to the doctor and he gives me an injection for stop my extra flow that time I was so scared. every girl faces this and other like problems in life.

Nowadays girls have matured slightly before the first period because of this generation is so updated and advance now in schools give most information to all students but opposite side the boys take the wrong advantage of it, in my opinion, Every girl takes proper information and doesn’t attract any bad things and doesn't attract any bad things and peoples. I suggest to all parents of those girls are feeling the first period they give proper sex education to their girls and being matured because girls are going to schools and colleges so they take use napkins and cloths for periods then after introduced sanitary pad but not more options for using by girls like tampons and cups for comfortability.

As some as now introduced some remedies on pain of periods, like rub the hand points and some food items like curd so in this subject most come new inventions for more comfortable to the girls period. one more thing is in india follow nonsense mentality about periods I do not agree with this so I wish that in future next generation change all this like things and give freedom to the

girls in pain but physically and also mentally because this like treatment affects mind and happiness, of the childhood of the innocent girls. Women are very strong therefore this all pain gives to her. as some as the happiness of mom give to the woman because she deserves it. every from negative to positive for it makes their period easy and less painable.

In last I do not expect that I write my period story in all my life but I did it. I am so period story in all my life but I did it. I am so proud to be a girl and proud to happy bleed.‘‘ periods mark moments strong.

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