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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


My body, my choice

My body, my choice

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Freedom to choose, my body, my choice 

If you follow me you know this has my blood boiling. Yes, please... no need to remind me that I am a Christian, I know who and whose I am but I am also a free thinking woman who believes that her body is her own and she has the right to say what is what. 

The anti-abortion movement in Texas won a major victory last Thursday after a novel legal approach to banning abortion was not blocked by the Supreme Court, throwing abortion services across the state into chaos and prompting some women to leave the state for procedures.

The Supreme Court refused to block the law prohibiting abortions after cardiac activity is detected — usually about six weeks of pregnancy. Now the measure, which was signed into law in May, will run its course in the lower courts. Its unique legal structure, though, means it will likely remain in effect for the duration of the legal battle which we have no idea how long that could take.

What that means is some 80 year old dinosaur men in Congress and the Supreme Court decided what THEY thought was best for all women of Texas. Are we going back to back alley abortions now? Wait.. did they put in place funds to help these women raise these unwanted children? Did they put money into the broken Foster care system? Did they give funds for more affordable day care or housing? No!! They did not! They only exercised power over women and their bodies and their choices.

Why is it that all these.. .oh yes I'm going there so put on your seat belts. All these so-called "Christians" aren't putting their money where their mouths are? How come they got big enough mouths to scream it's a sin but their pockets don't match their mouths? First of all let's not go there, it's unbelievable the words they say to women who aren't doing what they want them to do...whatever happen to those without sin cast the first stone…oh yes, you conveniently forget all of that when you're throwing stones at others.

Why aren't they coming up with solutions, not just convictions? Why isn't there a cry out for change in our child care system? What about all the unwanted children there? Do they even know anything about the child care protective system? Ha! I don't think so, throwing rocks from their big Mcmansions and being "morally correct"

Here you go, some facts to swallow with your champagne: 500 000 children are in our foster care system. And as of 2018 125,285 children have not been adopted.

But come on let's have some more, let's make a woman, who clearly does not want them or cannot take care of them have them and then leave them to go on to bash the next pregnant one.

This is so personal for me. At 15 I was raped. I was a virgin and found out I was pregnant. I had to tell my mom and she asked me what I wanted to do. I sure as hell didn't want to raise my rapist kid and I had my whole life in front of me. So she took me to get an abortion. Anti abortion people spit on me as I had to cross the picket lines, "Christian" people called me baby killer and wish me death. The doctor as I started to cry said "Too late to cry now, you should have thought of that before you spread your legs"

No one knew my story, no one bothered to ask but I was villainized because I chose not to have a child I didn't want or could take care of. This was my choice and my body and I do not regret that decision. 

No one gets to make decisions about your body and sure the hell not if they have no better solutions. Change the system, throw out the 80 year old men running this country, clean house, make some real changes just don't give it lip action. This is our bodies, you don't get to make a choice for us, make a solution for us to think about another choice but at the end of the's still my body, my choice.

"Be the change you want to see"


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