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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Mother - Silver Lining Of Life

Mother - Silver Lining Of Life

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“Shimla?” My mother asked quite suspiciously, stirring the spoon in her coffee mug.

“Got some project work,” I replied. Or to be precise, I lied to her. I knew she would again get started if I tell her the actual reason.

I didn’t look into her eyes while saying that.

“It’s the same girl right?” she asked, her stirring coming to a stop. I didn’t reply but wondered how she figured it out every time I lied to her.

“You think I know nothing?” she said handing me the coffee. “You are a part of me Beta, I have borne you for nine months in my womb.”

And I have borne all your fake excuses for 24 years of your life,” she spoke with all calmness in her voice.

“I always knew the entire story Beta. No doubt, you lose no effort to protect her image, faking that she had sacrificed your love for the sake of our prestige and honor.”

“I am your mother, son. I always know everything and I will always do.”

I said nothing and sat quietly with my eyes fixed on the mug.

“OK, let’s forget the dreadful incident for a while but do you think that she loved you, she is no more, and did she know that you did?” she looked into my eyes. I didn’t have any words to reply her. I felt so helpless. My mother was right, but I was so helpless to do anything against that. I couldn’t hold the agitation and the pressure that I felt inside me and they burst out as a tear from my eyes. I started sobbing like a child. I couldn’t stop the flow of tears streaming out.

“I don’t know what to do Maa. I can’t let her go off my world,” I said and wept. My Mother stood next to me staring at me with her sorrowful eyes. She suddenly stepped towards me and embraced me firmly in her arms.

“I tried Maa, I really tried my best to get rid of her, but she seems glued into my soul,” I said in my broken voice, “I…..tried, I….. really… tired….Maa.”

I gasped struggling hard throwing my voice out of my throat. They were hardly coming out. I embraced her tightly trying to control my tears.

Shhh, shhh!! My mother tried to calm me caressing my back.

“Do you think that your girl will come back to you if you cry like a baby?” she said caressing my hair.

Huh? I froze and looked at my mother quite dazed to hear her saying that. She smiled. 

“Grown-ups never cry. My son is not a kid anymore. Are you?” she quipped cheering me up.

“There is nothing in this entire world important to me more than your happiness. I don’t want to see my son crying like this,” she smiled and added, “Your smile is more important to me than all these silly issues.”

That’s like my mother. I felt like saying that to her, but I controlled my urge and gave her a sweet smile. I wiped my tears and picked up my already packed bag. I hugged her tightly and rushed out. I started my Royal Enfield and raced on the curved and twisted road to Shimla.

Mothers are always suspicious, superstitious and skeptical. But they are the most sacrificing creature in the entire universe. She will give her share of bread and remain starving to feed her child. She will stay awake for the entire night singing a lullaby for her child.The world may turn its back against you, but a mother will never do.

There is one person whose love is always constant and unconditional. That's Mother!

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