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தீரா தீ

Crime Fantasy


தீரா தீ

Crime Fantasy

Monstrous Sarang - 2

Monstrous Sarang - 2

10 mins 310 10 mins 310

Daniel's POV

I don't want my sister to get hurt by the killer. But still now I didn't find the killer. Four months has been flashed with in a minute like lightning..l

Natasha is all my world even before my love. I wouldn't leave my sister for anything . I got an information that a strange man is spying over my sister.

Im frustrated being a cop and unable to figure who the spy was.

I rubbed my forehead and rested it on the seat. The door opened automatically and she came inside without my permission . I didn't permit her even inside my heart. whatever she opened both the doors without my permission. She is the girl I loved and would love even more after my sister and mother. My mate Reena Peterson

" What happened to you? Have you got hurt by someone? Where were you till morning? How you came to the office? " she raised so much of questions just in some minutes.

I hugged her suddenly which made her quit. she wrapped her hands around my neck and allowed me to rest my head on her shoulder.

She patted my shoulder slightly but I pulled myself away from her.

" What are you doing here Ms. Reena Peterson? " I tried to ask in stern voice but my mind didn't allow it as well.

" I came here to meet my mate sir and I think for which reason I came here has been held successfully. So catch you later " With that she left from my office.

I sighed loudly and left out of the office and hopped on my car . There she was. Sitting like a child on the front seat with her hands grabbing the steering.

Reena " Hi Mr Dark. Come soon I need to meet my companion. Come on " aishhh kidooo.. I'll teach you a lesson today

While mumbling to my sister Natasha, I hopped on the car and gave the keys to Reena. She was realy good at driving.

After twenty minutes of drive, we noticed Natasha was sitting outside of the house while hearing something with her headset.

I hopped out of the car and rushed to her. She smiled a little noticing me.

Natasha's POV

I just came home from my university . I know where the key was, But I like to look at the clear and blue sky . So I sat on the bench which was before my home.

I slide my phone playlist to choose a song and finally chose a song from melody playlist. Soon I over heard a car's tire crashing sound and my brother's voice.

" Why didn'tt you enter in our house even you knew where the key was? " he asked while opening the door before I answer someone hugged me from back And I panicked a little but it was my friend and companion Reena.

" Reena, you just scared me idiot " I hit her slightly " Nah. Im your future sister in-law, You need to obey me Ms. Natasha Dark " she said in a fake stern tone.

I bowed and play fully saluted to her and we both bursted into laughter . Daniel who entered into the house let out a great sigh and screamed our names to get in.

" Come on. Your brother is really mad at me right now " she whispered and dragged me in. " Go and fresh up both of you. I'll prepare coffee " Daniel's voice echoed from the kitchen.

" And what about you Mr. Dark, Won't you get bath or may I help yo " Reena asked with a giggle and leaned on my shoulder. " No thanks for your concern " now he yelled back from the kitchen.

" Enough Reena. Come let's move " We got into the rooms which are located on the second floor. I took a bath and changed to a casual dress and went down.

My brother and Reena were on the dining table chatting about something with coffee. I greeted them and took my place with my brother's favourite coffee.

" Then what about your first day on your new college sweetie? " Daniel asked . I sipped my coffee " Nothing special Dan. It's almost the same like my past college " I blurted and continue to sip my coffee.

We shifted over here after my final exam which held two months before. There I found Reena who is our neighbour. She is just one year elder than me. But a childish girl inside. She loves to tease my brother and I know they both are in love . But my stubborn brother still didn't agree that he is in love.

Even we just met two months before. Reena is so friendly kind and affectionate towards me. She attached with us in a very short period. But truly she is so cool and my first best friend

" what about your classmates ? " Called Reena while giving a sip to her coffee. " Ahhmm . There's nothing to talk about them Reena. The students who were in the class , just gave a long look at me like Im a new alien who came from an unknown planet . As I told before, I don't have any of them as a friend or anything like."

Reena chuckled " Don't worry Natsh. You'll get a new one soon and you'll fall for him like I fell for your brother " she said and we tilt our head faster.

" Just stop Reena!!! She is just 19 now And she don't know anything about this world, She is just a baby " Daniel stated to Reena and we both now glared at him.

Aish god! Am i looking like a baby? " Yeah yeah baby. Who faced a real murderer without any hesitation " Reena teased my brother which caused me to snap out of my thoughts and made me to chuckle

" Ah stop guys. Im just observing my new surrounding. Will surely get a new friend even if Im not interested. There's nothing to worry when my pretty Sister in-law is there " I stopped the two who were ready to get in a clash.

" Oww how sweet bun " she squeezed my cheeks where I glared at her.

" Haha stop calling her as bun Reena. You knew that she hates it " Reena let out her tongue and looked at me with pleading eyes. I Let out a breath and smiled at her

" Okay bunny let me move to the orphanage. So that I can return before late And Today's dinner is in my home. Don't forget it. Be sharp at 9 . See you later . Same to you Mr. Dark " she ordered and ran out of our house.

How kind and pure. She lost her parents on an accident last year. From that she lives here alone. But she'll spend her evening time usually in an orphanage . Even if she's not stable in finance she does help everyone and also donates half of her part time job salary to the orphanage. Yes she is an angel not only in both of our lives. A fairy for all the one who knew her. I hope that my brother will accept her soon

We shared a small smile and I went to clean the coffee cups where Dan sat to recheck over the case files. Apart from office he used to check the same file everyday when he got home evening. Uff I got bored of it to see him like this.

Time flowed and we both got ready to the dinner at Reena's home tonight. After locking the house we walked to the near by house and knocked the door.

I suddenly felt something, my surrounding seemed a little bit hazy and I was sure that I heard my faint heartbeat from somewhere.

Within a minute the door unlocked. I got snapped out of my thoughts and we looked at a handsome man with a black goggles and slight hair with a black backpack. I think he was trying to get out of the house while we knocked.

Dan moved and gave him a way. He didn't say anything just moved from there. I felt something weird and familiar over him and Dan nudged my shoulder to come out of my thoughts.

Reena greeted us with a wide smile and lead us to the dining table. She prepared everything.

Reena " Come on take your seats. I'll serve and how is it " she is excited for our response and like always her cooking was delicious.

" Delicious. Come, let me serve for you " I made her to sit and served her. We ate our dinner with lots of laughter and chatting

After the dinner Dan greeted Reena and went out. I greeted her and she wished the same. But when I turned back, she hugged me from back tightly and leaned her head on my shoulder.

" Thanks for making my life to bloom again, sweetie. " she said with teary eyes. I caressed her cheeks and wipe the tears. " Don't cry babe. Dan Hate's to see you like this. You are always a happiest fairy. Don't make yourself down. We'll always be with you good night " she smiled and greeted again

" good night " I came to my home and hugged Dan who has been turned that side.

" What happened kid ? Is there any problem? " he grabbed my hand " Nothing Dan. " He caressed my hair " Good night princess, sleep well " he greeted and kissed my forehead.

3rd person POV

Natasha smiled and went to her room. Daniel stayed there for few minutes. He went back to Reena's house. He relaxed himself and knocked the door. Reena looked at the peep hole and opened the door with confusion.

Daniel looked nervous and he was caressing his back head. Reena folded her arms cross to her hip and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

" Ahm. I came to give this " he stretched his palm where a silver pendent was shining . Reena was shocked at the same time she was so happy

" I-is it for me? " He nodded and helped her to wear it. He was still standing Reena was confused over his new behaviour.

Daniel let out a deep breath and hugged her tight. Reena was shocked and frozen in his tight hug.

" Don't cry thinking about your past. Think about present and don't worry I'll be there in the future holding your hands tight " Reena tilt her head with tears in her eyes and a smile in her lips. He kissed her forehead softly and released her from his hug.

Reena smiled at him and went inside her house. Daniel smiled sheepishly and came inside his house. Seeing this beautiful moment Natasha smiled and got inside her bedroom from the balcony

But Natasha didn't knew that a pair of eye was watching her from afar furiously.

The black coat men checked his surroundings and got inside a dark building. There were some mens roaming around and some were in guarding positions.

He went near a throne and kneeled down . A whole black wrapped figure was on the throne sitting with full of attitude.

The black coat men hand overed him a picture of Natasha. The dark figure gave a look at the picture and smirked

" Our next target. Ms Natasha Dark. Sister of the head cop Mr. Daniel Dark. She's in her second year of degree in xxx university. She's always alone in college and she wants to be alone. She has no friends. Only one girl, Ms. Reena Peterson Who is her neighbour And I think she must be her brother's lover " he said but a loud thud interrupted him.

" I need only one thing. Is she the one who Im searching all around? " the figure's voice was so cold and scary which made the kneeled one to tremble.

" No your highness. She's a normal one. She's not the one who we are searching for " the figure placed it's fist on the handle with a loud thud and yelled at him.

" I just want her. Not the unnecessary waste like these girls. I need to find out that girl before they could figure her out. Just fire this girl up and use her for the business and here after don't take such silly information's to me. Get out " through the scream the men got out from there.

The figure threw Natasha's picture on the fire light which was blown behind it's throne .

Before it could get burn a Hand held the photo of Natasha. But just the arm was in view and the figure was in the whole dark where we could just see the black wall

To be continued

Hope you liked it. I'll be back with another update soon. Care to tell me your comments. Thank you

DhiraDhi 🖤

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