Drashti Badheka

Abstract Fantasy Thriller


Drashti Badheka

Abstract Fantasy Thriller

Monster or Peace

Monster or Peace

3 mins

My soul, searching around the streets full of witches which were trying to sell their talent while my heart raced and lips felt cold. My eyes turning red and it pained turning my eyelids snow. I raced down the streets till my heart felt cold, i fought with my legs for keeping the strength until a witch whose long black tailed hat lay across her creamy white hair which are kept together as bun but few laces scribble across her face, she stood in front of me gazing through her deep brown eyes, and took my hand while murmuring something in some unknown language. 

My eyes started flickering around the sides trying to draw some attention, for getting ride of the witch but all, counted us as invisible. My ivory pink satin gown with fluffy little sleeves which was my favourite had few bruises encountered when i fall over the places while running. My long black curly hair got untied. The witch has now closed both of her eyes, keeping her hands on mine. Tears from my eyes started running down my cheeks to neck. Witch opened her eyes which were filled with fear and anger. I felt urge to run but i wasn't able to, i was paralyzed down my throat. I shouted at her,

"Let go of me, you're hurting me"

She appeared as if I didn't speak, and then her little rusty voice tingle my ears,

"You'r turning into a mon..ster. Nature needs balance, you've to stop it or else I got no choice but to kill you" 

I felt red fire burning in my eyes, anger growing on my head but i knew somewhere what she was trying to say was truth, i went out of control. My hands started getting cold but i had to be human again. I don't want to be a monster. I let the fire run down with my tears, making my head clear. I saw her with compassion and spoke,

"I need no powers, i don't want to be a monster, i don't want a curse. My family, the carers, worked as farmers and helped the village to develop in a small town which is covered with green tall trees and horses. Today early morning, because of few envious countrymen who invited some people at ball arranged by our village head, attacked our people and killed most of them. They are real monsters. I was too, attacked by some and in process got myself few bruises, but i fought. I did everything to help my people but they.......they died, all of them, i am alone. Please don't kill me, Help me, i would do anything to find my humanity back"

Hearing my words, tears appeared in her eyes, I smiled at her while she untied the spell and made me free. I looked at her, while she came near me, i hold her hands and hugged her. Her skin was soft as pillow and i felt home but suddenly her grip got hard. I felt pain below my heart and dark red blood starting running out of my heart, i took a step behind and looked at her, she looked horrible.

"Yet, you need to be killed.......have peace, honey"

I got betrayed, there was no home. It was for a piece of wood to stake across my heart, no emotions. I layed down at earth, the soil across my face, may be that won't betray me. As I lay on my death bed, I started counting my last heartbeats. I felt my last pain, because from now, it will be peace.

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