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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Mission Berlin

Mission Berlin

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Around the world

Germany was at war with Japan, USA was at war with North Korea & Indonesia was struggling against the Malaysians but little did they know that another country was rising to make their presence felt around the world, little did they know that in the coming years this country would be feared because of its military : The USSR...


Cherenko Vereshik was walking alone in a cold Russian morning. He wore his usual combination, a brown coat accompanied with brown trousers. He stopped next to a bus stop near Red Square, several buses passed by but he didn't board any of them. After a few minutes a black Toyota Camry stopped right in front of him, Cherenko entered the car and continued towards his destination. Inside the car he met Boris Gladomrad. Boris said, "I hope you know what you have to do." Cherenko nodded in reply. The car made its way towards Sheremetyevo International Airport. After half an hour they reached the departure terminal. The driver opened his boot and handed a black briefcase to Cherenko. Cherenko made his way towards one of the self check-in booths, he took his Samsung mobile from his right pocket and scanned the QR. He received his boarding pass and made his way towards the departure gate.

Sheremetyevo International Airport

After a series of checks and stamps, Cherenko reached the departure gate, and was about to board in another 20 min. He looked around and saw the normal airport hustled with people running around searching their gates. After 20 min, the plane started boarding and he made his way towards the gate.

Somewhere around the world

Cherenko rested peacefully in his plush seat and took a nap.


Cherenko came out from the airport and made his way towards the pick-up point. A red 2015 Volvo S60. He entered the car and moved towards the city. The car took a left towards a narrow alley and stopped, Cherenko told the driver, "This is not the drop point, you are supposed to go to the Interpol HQ of Berlin." The driver responded, "No you are mistaken, this is the place where you will die." Suddenly, a pair of lights flashed up from either side of the car. Cherenko realised that the lights were coming from the car that was heading towards him at high speed. He quickly opened the door and jumped out, before the car could collide with him. He then hid behind a dumpster situated near him. Four men came out from the vehicle and looked at the mangled remains of the Volvo. One of them asked, "The car is empty, he might have escaped, check your surroundings." The men started checking around, one of them came close to the dumpster, he saw a foot sticking out behind the dumpster but before he could call out to his men, Cherenko put a hand over his mouth and twisted his neck. The other men heard a soft Chweek sound and turned towards its source, they saw their own man lying on the floor. The men now ran towards the dumpster and found Cherenko behind the dumpster. The leader of the team said, "You have something very important for us and it is in that brown briefcase, which you are holding right now." Cherenko looked at the briefcase and had a thought, "Shit!! I myself don't know what is in the briefcase and these men want it from me." Cherenko put the briefcase and indicated the men to take it, when one of the men's hand was about to grab the suitcase, Cherenko made a Kneebutt move on him on the stomach, the man fell down convulsing in pain, on seeing their fallen comrade the two men charged towards Cherenko. One of them tried to punch him on the face but Cherenko dodged his attack, he then grabbed the attacker's arm and twisted it, the 2nd man tried to kick him on the thigh but Cherenko skillfully blocked the blow by moving away from the point of impact. He then threw the man he was holding right on the 2nd attacker, both the attackers fell like a stack of dominoes. He then took his briefcase and went to the main road, over there he hailed a taxi and went towards the Interpol office. He handed over the briefcase to a man named Fritz Doughertz, who wore a black suit and sported a big bushy beard. Fritz took the briefcase and asked Cherenko to follow him, they entered a research lab, Fritz placed the briefcase on a white table and handed Cherenko a safety suit. Cherenko wore the safety suit and came to the table where the briefcase was kept. After a few minutes, Fritz also entered wearing the same suit but was wearing white gloves. He unlocked the briefcase and opened it.

Interpol HQ

Cherenko was shocked to see what was inside the briefcase, he saw 3 capsules with the word 'NUCLEAR' written on it in red. He wondered how it could have possible to pass through a security check, as if Fritz had read his mind he told, "The briefcase is made of cutting edge German technology, which reflects the X rays from the briefcase fabric making the handler to think that it is empty. Now you can check your account for your payment of 3 million dollars." Cherenko called his Director and asked if they have received the money. The Director confirmed the same. When Cherenko was about to leave he asked a question, "I met a few men on the street trying to take the same briefcase from me, do you have any idea of their identity?" Fritz replied with a smile, "They were none other than the German government officials who were trying to get their hands on the nuclear capsules." Cherenko then made his way back to the airport to catch his flight to Moscow.


The USSR Introduced their first nuclear missle: The R-36 which is capable of hitting targets with a range of 10000km-16000km.


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