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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Poonam Vaze

Drama Fantasy


Poonam Vaze

Drama Fantasy

Mermitans, Zygotes and Emotions

Mermitans, Zygotes and Emotions

8 mins 306 8 mins 306


King Mermitan overwhelmed Charu's mind with his enticing script about her reincarnation but Charu felt his oratory rhetorically designed. After surfacing out of lake, she waved a quick bye to Yuvaan and Abhay and sprinted home. Just few hours had passed but Charu felt immersed inside lake for donkey's years. She was homesick. Immense urge of being in her comfort zone made her run like Usain Bolt and she panted as she reached home. Aftermath of lake adventure with Mermitans had gripped Charu's mind and serene ambience of Oomen's Villa soothed her pounding heart. Charu bent low over the lawn area surrounding Oomen's Villa and kissed the dew-laden grass. Entire surrounding bequeathed Charu love and compassion, something which seemed missing with Mermitans. She blinked her eyes and took a deep breath inhaling serenity of that morning.

" Is it a new technique of pranayam?" Teased Mani Oomen, who was watching Charu and her changing shades of emotions.

"Appa... " Charu ran towards Mani and hugged him spontaneously. Charu felt better in that parental warmth.

"Well Well!!! Who doesn't like hugs that too from his lovely daughter..." Said Mr. Mani much stunned by Charu's spectacular gesture.

"Appa I am Charu Oomen.. Isn't it ?" She asked stressing her surname 'Oomen'. Charu was still in her Appa's comforting arms and she didn't feel like loosening her grip.

"Yes indeed you are. What sort of question is this?" Asked Mani Oomen. Mani Oomen knew his daughter was not in ease, undisputedly she was worried. He took Charu inside her bedroom, settled her on her bed, handed a fluffy teddy and ordered his servant to bring her best- loved filter coffee. Charu's eyes fervently observed her father's display of affection and his struggle to ease her.

" O Appa you are incredible!!! Best daddy of this world." She said feeling relaxed in that comfortable place. It was her home. Her Appa's home and she was the pampered , prodigal Queen of that house.

"Tell me I belong to you. I share the same parentage of Oomen's. "Charu's plea was clearly reflecting in her eyes and it was her hunt of self- identification.

"What's bothering you, Charu? "

"If I have to choose between two races wherein only one could survive, which race shall I choose?" Charu said and murmured Mermitans and Zygotes softly.

Mani Oomen paused for a minute and said:

"Can't advice with the choice you make , but whichever choice you make, you shouldn't regret afterwards."

"Hmmmm ...Thanks Appa. Your advice is registered and will act as my pillar strength." Mani pecked her forehead and moved out of her room. Charu watched him amble away and wondered what was that feeling which made her comfortable with him and not with Mermitans. Her understanding was that Mermitans concealed something, they appeared dark to her. They tried to explain about her ancestry much meticulously but something was missing in their talks. Somehow Charu didn't trust them. It was her gut feeling and her feeling was strong. Her father, Abhay, Yuvaan and everyone from this world gave her a full human being experience but atmosphere inside Mermitans was obscure, not understood by Charu. Not a sign of remorse, no happiness, no anxiety, no pain nothing they showed. They were emotionally numb and that's what bothered Charu.

"Are the species of alternate world given emotions? But obvious they must have emotions." Charu while speaking gulped the chewing gum which had until now survived her frantic chews. Charu felt a stabbing pain on her back and electric tingling in her arms added to her discomfort.

"Cool down cool down. " She said and she rested her aching back on a soft cushion.

"How rich are those people who live a normal life and blessed are those daughters who have their moms around them." She wondered.

"If mom would be alive !!! "She sighed and sighed again and each time she sighed she became nostalgic with remembrance of her mother. Memories of her mom, were one of those memories, Charu wished she could wrap up with glittering covers and lace it with red ribbons and then she could present that gift to herself. Charu recollected an unusual conversation she had with her mom where she( as a ten year old girl) asked her mom if she came out of her stomach and how gently her mother had answered :

"No dear. You didn't come out of my stomach." And then a dejected ten year old little Charu asked her mother again :

"All my friends came out of their mom's tummy then how was I born? "

"Charu, my child you were gifted to me by God. You are the best gift God gave me."

"And can anyone forget this beautiful answer? "Charu questioned herself.

"Nay not possible. " Charu whispered as she wiped a tear rolling down her cheeks.

Charu's mother had answered her questions long back and Charu knew that her DNA didn't match with Oomen's. How she wished that her DNA matched with her mom, but alas, that was Charu's destiny and this destiny had bestowed Charu with huge responsibility, which she didn't want to fulfill.

"Why me God? " She questioned as she settled on her bed quieting her over stressed nerves and closing her eyes she chanted tranquil prayers. By and by Charu saw an image emerging from an illuminating white light. She was Goddess Athena and she looked like a fierce warrior with Khopesh sword in her hand. She placed the khopesh in Charu's hand and advised her to plunge the sword on mound of that race which could absorb emotions.

Charu didn't understand what Goddess Athena meant with the statement 'race which could absorb emotions.'

"Goddess Athena.. In all fairness, I refuse to fulfill this responsibility and I am sick of this crazy feud, wherein I don't trust any race."

"Never play with divine powers, dear Charu. You are the one bestowed with divine powers and now they are at its peak. This is the right time to plunge the sword otherwise planet Antrina will suffer ."

"How can my action affect a planet hidden from earth? Where is this planet exactly?" Charu questioned speedily.

Goddess Athena settled near Charu and said,

"There are millions of solar systems in universe and all solar systems are interlinked, they are always existing and omnipresent. But, human eyes don't have powers to see such panoramic vistas. Such is planet Antrina parallelly attached with planet Earth. It's a daughter universe of Earth which means energies vibrated on earth affect planet Antrina. Long ago, it was flourishing with life and blessed energies. There were two inhabitants on Antrina one Mermitans and other Zygotes and intrinsic goodness was planet Antrina's only rule. Antrina planet looked like golden paradise, but the planet attracted an evil eclipse near it and thus began its devastation. The evil eclipse snatched one of the most wondrous feature from planet Antrina and that's emotions. Habitants of planet Antrina started behaving like robots as their brains became emotionally void. The flow of hormones stopped and now they are colorless robots who work on codified instructions. This lifestyle created disturbance in the universe and so me (in Sheryl's form) summoned some Mermitans and Zygotes to earth to bring emotions back to Antrina."

"Hmmmm... "Charu was all ears for the story. She was actually enjoying such fairy tale where supposedly she was the fairy godmother. Charu chuckled at this weird thought which entered her mind.

"That must be draining the inhabitants of Planet Antrina. My My !!!Life without emotions .." Said Charu.

"O Charu they don't even get drained. They are emotionless creatures now." Said the Goddess.

"So how can I help?" Charu asked.

"Pivot point is only one of them have the power to absorb emotions. So Dear Charu, using your divine powers you have to find the right race who can absorb emotions from Planet earth and give the power of emotions to Planet Antrina."

"You mean the race who show a slightest sign of emotions will be a clan with emotions."

"Yes indeed. You will plunge the sword into the mound of that particular race. " Said Goddess Athena.

"How very difficult this is.. Very difficult.. How can I????" Charu's babbling was interfered with lightning strokes of thunderstorms. Charu opened her eyes , looked around as she tried to calm herself by breathing heavily. Her hands reached for the water bottle and she gulped the bottle at once.

For a second, she thought had there not been such sensations in her body , she could be choked. Every feeling gave a new dimension to release her anxiety.

Charu imagined that feeling of blooming love for Abhay and those joyful moments with Yuvaan, her father's warm hug, grandma's tender hands moving over her hair and reminisce of her mother which made her feel nostalgic. She didn't exactly shivered but goosebumps ran up and down on her arms.

"O God how can inhabitants survive without kaleidoscope of emotions??" For Charu the concept itself was unimaginable and then came a subtle realization of her immoderate reaction to the situation.

A hunch to help Planet Antrina transpired in Charu's mind.

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