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Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

Mehabooba - The Beloved

Mehabooba - The Beloved

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The heavens were painted bright blue with scintillating sparks of light, aglow with the rays of the rising sun. The gentle morning breeze hummed a little song as falling snowflakes slowly painted the earth white. The chirping of little birds made the day all the more alluring.

Mehabooba was lying cuddled inside her fluffy blanket enveloped within her fantasies when her mother woke her up with her sweet calls...

"Mehaboo, my beloved, get up and have your breakfast. Its time to feed your pony". Her little face blushed with excitement at the thought of her pet horse who was also her best friend. She bounced out of bed and chose to wear her beautiful floral printed purple frock which was gifted by her uncle on her last birthday.

She asked her mother with that innocent smile of hers "Ammi do I look pretty?"

Her mothers eyes sparkled with joy on seeing her charming little girl dressed up so beautifully. She said "You are always pretty,my beloved" Mehaboo hugged her mother tight, kissed her forehead, and with a cute smile she bid her farewell. The little girl skipped out of her house with the pony and a sweet melodious tune on her lips. Her deep blue eyes took in all the fascinating scenery along the way. At home, Ammi was busy preparing Mehaboo's favourite barfi as the evening snack.

Her little brother,tried to snatch a barfi from the tray, but Ammi refused, "No beta, these are your sister's favourite sweets, lets have them together when she arrives". He giggled and nodded.

On reaching the forest, she found a good place for her pony to graze and sat on the grass daydreaming. Suddenly she heard footsteps nearing her. To her surprise, she saw that it was Bholu bhayya from her neighborhood. She cheerfully smiled at him, "Oh bhayya it was you? come on lets play hide and seek!!". "Sure,mehaboo!" he nodded. As she covered her twinkling eyes with her tiny fingers, his evil hands grabbed her from behind and stunned her. The little pony became restless and neighed helplessly. The sky turned dark and thunderous. Loud wolf howls ripped the air apart and echoed, echoed. Furious winds screamed and raged. Her angelic body remained shrouded in the evil veil of darkness while the aroma of hot, sweet barfis hovered in the air seeking her.

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