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Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal

4 mins

Sita said, "Why do you think so that girls can't do anything. Sanya mirza is good in table tennis, Saina nehwal is good in badminton, Indira gandhi is good in politics, Akanksha singh. . .   Stop, stop I don't know why everyone thinks that girls are weaker than boys said Sita's mother and went away. Sita said, "My dear mother, I will be aware why people think that boys are strong and girls are weak and I will tell you about it. "Next day, Sita's mother shouted, "Sita, Sita one letter for you, I think Sita would be sleeping by selling horses. Sita said, "No mom you are wrong I am not sleeping. Sita's mother said,"Ok, Ok your letter has come read it".

After reading the whole letter, Sita shouted with joy and said listen mom and dad, I have selected in atheletes's competition and I have it submit 20,000 for that. " Sita's mother said, "Your mind is mad. Does the money grows on tree that we will give you 20,000 rupees. And if you have asked for hundred rupees we would have given it ". Sita said, But mom. . . . Sita's father cut in, ,"shut up Sita, If we had a boy and he was demanding so much of money, then we would have given but you are a girl and we will not give you a single rupee. You are speaking so much because you are educated, and anyway I have confirmed your relationship with Sharma uncle's son and he's coming tomorrow and get dressed beautifully. I don't want to this relationship to go by hand and anyway you are so happy luck that they have liked you otherwise who likes you said Sita's father". Sita said but I don't want to marry with that boy.

Her father said, "Why what's the problem in him he's good looking and that guy has a lot of money. Sita said, "But that is not about worth looking and good looking, that boy is a betrayal. "Father said, " I don't know anything tomorrow he will come and you have to marry form that guy only. Sita sadly went to her room without saying a word. That night she was thinking that she should run away from the house but she did not dare. It was the next day and the Sharma family came for the relationship. When Sita saw them, she started crying out loud but her friend comforted her.

Sita's father and mother called Sita to come downstairs. When Sita came downstairs groom's father and mother liked Sita and they also know that she's good in behaviour. Sita's father asked the name of the groom from the Sharma family. They said, "Hasi name is Shyam. Sita's mother said, Oh!Nice name. Sita's father said so let's start preparing for the marriage from tomorrow and then day after tomorrow marriage. Shayam' s father said, "Yes your right, Shyam also agreed about this. Next day, all the the wedding ceremonies was done. Now it's time for he marriage, there was no glimpse of sadness in the eyes of Sita's family. At the evening, when it's time for Shyam and Sita's honeymoon,Shyam didn't came. Shyam sent am message to diya.  

Dear Sita,

I know you would be angry of me by knowing this that I have looted all your father's luxuries from your father's locker and I don't want to marry you because I already like a girl. Sorry Sita. Goodbye.


Sita cried and went to home and said all this to her father. Her father started crying and felt guilty because he didn't listen to his daughter. Father said to Sita, "Sorry SitaI hurt you a lot and declined you to join on athlete. I thought that boys are stronger than girls but you opened my eyes. Sita soaked her tears and said, "father peace dont feel guilty, Now you understand that the boys and girls are equal. Never mind father, you understand this is enough for me. Let's start our new life by forgetting all about our pasts.

Moral 1-Child marriage should be prohibited.

2-Both men and women should be treated equally

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