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Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller

Malisto, the New Life Episode 2/7

Malisto, the New Life Episode 2/7

7 mins 106 7 mins 106

                   EPISODE - 2

Continued from episode 1

Our space shuttle was set off for the planet, Malisto. I heard the voices, "Congrats! Best of luck!"

I also shouted with joy, "Best of luck to all of you!". I looked at Sophia's face. She was smiling too.

After 7 days

The captain of the space shuttle came in our big hall where we all three thousand were sitting and exchanging our words with each other. The captain said, "Ladies and gentleman, oh sorry, I mean you all history creators, congrats to all of you! You have almost completed your journey. You are about to land on a new life, a new world just after a few minutes. So, many many congrats to all of you."

All shouted in gaiety, "Yahoo, wow, whoa!"

The captain added, "All of you please tighten your seat belt."

After a second back counting appeared on a big screen in front of us. Five, four, three, two, one, zero. And then boom! We all rocked in our seats.

The big door of the space shuttle opened vertically downwards and landed on the red soil. 

Voices heard, "Woah! It's amazing! Wow! Oh my gosh! It is Malisto man!"

The captain again spoke up, "It is Malisto! Welcome to Malisto."

All were extremely happy. Slowly the big crowd began to move down from the space shuttle. I and Sophia were together and our turn to get down is soon going to come.

Finally, our turn came and Sophia and I stepped on the planet Malisto together. We both were wonder-struck! The sky was completely dark, a pitch dark sky. The stars were blue in colour. The soil of the planet was dark red in colour. Trees were yellow in colour. And there were three pink rosy moons!

Sophia asked me, "Are we dreaming?"

I answered, "No, Sophia. It is our new reality now, better than a dream."

"Wow! Aakash. It is heaven! It is the best piece of art I have ever seen."

"Yeah, Sophia. I am wondering as if I have entered in one of the most famous painting."

The captain said in a mike, "Guys, now you are going to start a new life here. For your convenience, I should inform you, no tree is harmless here. You can eat the fruits of any tree here. Our one team of doctors will stay with you for a year. You can drink water from a lake that our doctors will guide you. Here is nothing harmful. So enjoy your life! And now we are going back to earth. Best of luck!"

Voices heard, "Thank you, sir, thanks, sir."

Sophia said favouring her stomach, "I think we should eat something now."

"Yeah, sure. Here are many trees. Let's go near these and pluck some fruits. See many people have already plucked fruits and they are eating too."

Sophia and I went close to a tree. I plucked one fruit. I had never seen such shape and colour of fruit ever in my life. First, I took one bite of it and it was super yummy! Then immediately, I plucked one more fruit and handed it over to Sophia saying, "It's very yummy Sophia. Please have it."

She took a bite and said, "Yeah, it's wonderful!"

One man shouted, "How many masons are there in our group?"

Five persons raised their hands.

The man added, "We have to construct shelters for us soon."

A mason replied, "Yeah, you are right. We already have fruits to eat. Now we should make shelters for us. I think we should not waste any more time. We should prepare ourselves for any bad time. God forbid that any bad time comes to us."

The man said, "True, my friend. But I should tell you beforehand, you are not going to be paid because here is no currency available." He said with a kidding tone.

The mason laughed, "Don't worry my friend. You will pay me by your labour."

The small group hearing their conversation burst into laughter.

Sophia said to me, "Wow! Aakash, did you notice anything?"

"Yeah, they are having a funny talk."

"Something else?"

"Hmm...something else what?"

"Aakash, see, see carefully, here how the people have become friendly. On our earth, we go on fighting with each other for the whole of our lives just for the sake of grabbing more and more money. And here is no money! No currency! That means the main cause for the fall of human relationships on the earth is not even present here. Here one can't become more and more greedy. We will work only according to our needs, not according to our greed. There is always an end of needs but not of greeds."

"Great Sophia, you have a deep insight. How are you able to think so deeply?"

"I don't know, sometimes automatically somethings come to my mind and I just blurt out. Hehe."

The next morning when we woke up, we saw the best thing of the planet Malisto. The sun was pure white in colour and the rest of the sky was made up of millions of colours. The texture of the sky was awesome, mindblowing! It was the best art form I had ever seen in my life. All people were swept off their feet to see a million colours in front of their eyes with the first pure white ray of the sun! 

Our daily schedule on the planet, Malisto was to get up early in the morning. Gather some food for eating. We would get some wood from the nearby trees for producing fire. The Indian government would send useful things to us after about twenty days like clothes, fuels, different types of equipments and instruments used in our daily lives so that we could settle there easily as soon as possible. Because the intentions of the government were to create a mini-city here as soon as possible. In the evening when the sky became a bit dark, we would make several groups of people. We would sit together around a campfire and talk without limits and mind filters. Obviously, it was the best part of the day. It was only with the help of this time that I came closer to Sophia. Sophia loved to read stories on earth. So in our talks, she would narrate me hundreds of stories. I loved listening to her stories, not because of her stories but because of the narrator. 

One day in the evening, we were sitting around a campfire and all were busy in their talks. I asked Sophia, "You haven't told me about your personal life yet. Did you have a boyfriend on earth?"

"Haha, Aakash, come on. If I had one there, I would not have been here on Malisto. And what's about you? Are you planning to make a new girlfriend?"

"Well Sophia, I don't want to make a new girlfriend. I just want to make my first and last girlfriend."

"Oh, you are pointing towards me. Well, Aakash you are my good friend. I want you to keep the same relationship with me. You will always find me by your side but as a friend not as a lover."

I smiled, "Sophia, you are very crisp and clear."

"Man, I don't want to give any false hopes to anyone and make my life as well as other's life complicated. I want a crystal clear life before my eyes, always."

"Great. Well, I am learning a lot from you for the last nine months. And you are really very intelligent and honest too." I said with a happy note.

"Well, your dialogue was not impressive. Haha"


A thunderous sound heard in the sky as if something passed very fiercely cutting the air in two halves. Six thousand eyes instinctively looked up. Then again another thunderous sound heard and a big object full of colourful lights passed at a very high speed. 

Sophia shouted, "It is a UFO!"

All of a sudden about twenty UFOs appeared in the sky and they all were rushing over our heads in the sky with zigzag movements. The shiver passed down our spines. The thunderous violent sounds produced by their space shuttles added more to our fears!

Panic spread like a wildfire among us! Voices could be heard, "Please help! They are going to kill us! Ghosts! Aliens! Enemies! We are going to die! Run!"

Sophia's eyes widened in fear and her heart was throbbing. I was also frightened but somehow I composed myself immediately and prepared myself to tackle this predicament. I was wondering, "Who are they? What do they want from us? Why are they hovering over our heads?"

To be continued...

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